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We had football on Tuesday first of March it was really fun. Mr. Mac Gearailts went out first. The person who was teaching us was Shane. We played three games of sharks and fishes. We went out between 11:15 to 12:00.

Written By: Liath Lenihan

Published By: Laura Donohoe


Next match will be against Glenbeigh in the 4/5 teacher Mid Kerry Schools Competition

District Sports
Congratulations to everyone who took part in the District Sports Event held in Keel on the 18th of May. Even though the weather was horrible Castledrum pupils still managed to win medals. Best of luck in the county final.

Dave Falvey came to teach us basketball from Tralee Tigers. He is very nice but strict. He is coming for a couple of weeks.junior,senior infants go out betweeen one thirty and two clock . Second,third and fourth go out between two and two thirty. Fifth and six class go out between two thirty and three. Dave will come for six weeks
Written by: Cathal Griffin
Published by: Cian Lenihan

Keel/Kiltallagh Community Games
The Community Games is very fun and enjoyable. These people went to the finals of the under 12s relay in Athlone Liath, Aoife and Laura. Darragh came 1st in the boys under14s art in Keel and Cian came 2nd and in the girls under14s Ellie came 1st and Zara came 2nd in Keel.. Jake came 2nd in under 12s. All the people who came 1st, 2nd or 3rd will being going to Listowel to draw again. There is always a good turnout at the running which is coming up soon. We always have people getting through to County finals.
By: Cian Lenihan

Once again we competed in the Spikeball competition in Killarney. It was an enjoyable experience. We were unlucky not to reach the semi final.

Rugby Equipment.
On Monday we had our last rugby dession with Raymond Gadsken. We went out for about a half an hour to forty-five minutes. We were the last two classes to go out[5th and 6th]. we got lots of equipment off of Munster Rugby to use in the school.
By: Jerry Griffin

Castledrum V Knockanes.
On Thursday the 23rd we had a schoolmatch against Knockanes. Our starting team was in goals: Jake, in the backs: Cian, Eden, Moira, in midfield: Dlyan and cathal and in the forwards: Conor, J.J and Dearbhla. We got off to a good start with a point but then they got a lot of scores and we couldn’t pull it back. But then at the end their teacher came to tell us that we were very good footballers and they had played two matches before this one and this was our first match.
By: Cathal Griffin

Active Sports week will be celebrated during the week beginning May 12th. We will spend at least one hour each day doing a different sporting activity.

We will have the coach visit us at the end of May and beginning of June.

Liam Duggan of LDgolf will be visiting for 4 sessions in May.

Football: county board coaches visit our school in 6 week blocks.
We participate in the Cumann na mBunscoil and Mini 7’s competitions.

SpikeBall with Ed

On Wednesday we had our first SpikeBall lessons of this year, Ed thought us the rules and basics of spikeball. We first started off with a few activities like passing the ball to your partner. Then we had a few games, Girls V Boys, Boys V Boys, Girls V Girls and mixed teams. We are also practicing for the spikeball tournament next Friday. We have our teams picked out, its a mixed girls and boys team. We have been practicing a lot and we hope we win

By Darragh O Dowd

Match vs Ceann Trá

We played ceann Trá (ventry) in the three teacher schools competition. We played them in Lispole in terrible weather. We lost the game and the score was 2-7 to 0-7. Last year we got to the final but this year we got knocked out in the first round. The team was Killian Murphy, Liam Clifford, Cian Lenihan, Cathal Griffin, Darragh O Dowd, Sean Corcoran, Gary Murphy, Dylan Moriarty, JJ Moriarty.

Junior Champions 2013

On Monday the 14th the victorious Keel team visited the school with the trophy. They defeated Glenbeigh-Glencar on a scoreline of 1:9 to 1:7 in the final of the Junior Championship in Fitzgerald Stadium Killarney.
We were delighted that so many of the team took the time to come to the school with the cup. Many of us got our jerseys signed by the players and mentors. Past pupil Terry O’Sullivan spoke to us and thanked us for the great support at the game. Brian Prendergast the club secretary (also a past pupil) thanked the school for the great support and for the great decorating that had been done in the lead up to the game. Both he and club Chairman William O’Shea encouraged the children to continue practicing their skills and one day we would get our own opportunity to win a county final. We say well done to everyone involved especially past pupils Stephen, Emmet, Eoghain, Terry, Jason, Aaron, John R, Liam, Shane, John, Eoin and Michael

Match Vs Castlemaine
Yesterday we played Caslemaine school in a football match. We all were very excited to be playing them. Last year when we played them we beat them. This time when we played them we lost. At half time in the match the score was 4 goals and 4 points for us and 5 goals and 5 points to Castlemaine. After half time Castlemaine got a lot better and got a big lead. We did get 2 goals back but it wasn’t enough.

By: Sean Corcoran
On the ninth of October first second third fourth fifth sixth classes went swimming. It was really fun. They thought us how to swim. They put us into three groups. One group was in the babys pool another group was people who know how to swim and the other group was people that were really good at swimming. We left the school at twelve o clock. We got home at around half two it was great.
On the second Friday of the school year we had p.e . This time we did basketball. There were four teams. Each match was played on half a court. The team 4 was playing team 6 on one side of the court when team 3 played team 5 five on the other side of the court. It was really fun. Team four beat team six in one of the two semi finals. Team three beat team five in the other semi finals. In the final team four beat team three by a lot. In the losers final team 3 played team 6 and team three won.

By: Liam Clifford

In our school we actively encourage participation in sport both during PE and at lunch times. Sports we play/ practice include:

Gaelic Football: Martin Horgan comes every second week. He teaches us football skills.It is very enjoyable and fun. Donal aslo helps with our football when Martin is not around.

Soccer: Soccer is played on the court at lunch time. All the kids love to play it. They have teams and the rules are fair even though they dont have a rerferee. It is mostly played by the older classes on the court and the younger ones play it at the shed end,it is enjoyed by everyone.

Basketball: Basketball is played in our school at P.E time.

Spikeball: We went to a Spikeball competition on the 30th of January in the Aura Killarney. It was a good day. We played very good teams. We got to the semi finals and lost by 3 points. We were upset but we had a very good day. It was great fun.

Rugby: Shane O Rourke is our rugby trainer. He comes every second week. He shows us how to play rugby in a fun way and we also have other games like rugby rounders and catch. We all enjoy it and look forward to him coming every week .

Skipping: Skipping is played by girls from all ages at our school. We enjoy it and have games while skipping. Sometimes the boys join in if they want.

Racket games


Gymnastics: We will have gymnastics on Friday. We will be performing in groups of five. A green star will be given to the winners.

Athletics We did athletics during our Sports Week it was on the Monday of our Sports Week we all had fun racing.

Dance: We did Irish dancing for Seachtain na Gaeilge week the girls had to dance with the boys and some of the smaller children in our school did there own thing.

Sports Week: This year we did not have a sports day we had a sports week . We had an hour a day. It was better than the sports day. We got ice cream at the end

2012/2013 Football With Donal

On Thursday the 6th of September Donal came for our first session of football. He will be coming every Thursday for the rest of the school year. We practise football skills with him such as soloing, hopping, catching, hand passing and kicking the ball. We play the football on the court in front of our school. He comes at around half 11. He spends about 25 mins with us. We all like Donal he is lovely. We all have so much fun with him.

By; Caoimhe Evans

On Tuesday the 24th, Edward the spikeball coach will be coming in to help us practise for the tournemant on Monday the 30th. This will be his second time coming. He shows us how to spike properly and tells us the rules of the game. He is a good coach. We enjoy it. All of sixth class are in the team. We are looking forward to the tournemant on Monday.

On the 30th of January 6th class went to spikeball tournament in the Aura leisure centre in Killarney. We left at 9:30 in the morning. Our spikeball name was Castledrum Emus. When we got there at 10 o’clock we found out our first game was at 10:20, so we had to get prepared. We were going to play Dingle Lizards First. And we beat them 20-10. Next we played Glenbeigh Wallabies. We tried our best but it was not good enough. The score was 20-9. We found out that our next game wasn’t for another hour, so we got a ball and we practised or spikes and serves. An hour later we looked at the fixtures and we were going to be playing Spa and we knew they were going to be good because we played them last year in the semi-final and they beat us. We went onto the court and we noticed that most of their players were gone, so we taught that we might have a chance. But our luck wasn’t in. We faught hard but we lost by 9 points. Our next game was in 5 minutes so we got onto the court straight away. It was Tralee owls who we were playing. At the end of that match we won 21-9. I went up to the quarter final fixtures list and we found out that we were going to be playing Glenbeigh b’s, and it was on straight away. Our starting line up was Darragh, Nicole, Garret and Aoife. In the end we won. Spa won the other quarter final game so we were going to play them. This time we lost 24-20. We had a great time and we hope to do well in the fun day.