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Mr. MacGearailt’s class

Maths Week

This week was Maths Week. Our class did interactive games on the computers and lots of us got red stars. It was really fun. We had a quiz in Mr.Ryans room. The teachers kept track of the scores. Some questions were hard and some were easy. Team 1 came first, Team 2 came second and Team 7 came third. It was very fun.

Written By: Gavin Sheehan

Published By: Carla Evans

GOAL Jersey Day

On Friday we wore jerseys to school for GOAL Jersey Day and brought in 2 euro if we could. GOAL is an international humanitarian agency dedicated to the alleviation of the suffering of the poorest of the poor. GOAL works towards ensuring that the most vulnerable in our world and those affected by humanitarian crisis have access to the fundamental needs and rights of things such as food, water, shelter, medical attention and primary education.

Written By: Marcus Lavery

Published By: Carla Evans

Kerryman Halloween Story Competition

Today we did a Halloween Story Competition for the Kerryman. We had to write around 400 words. To enter the competition you needed to get a token out of the Kerryman the tokens were in the Kerryman for 3 weeks. The winners will get there story in the Kerryman, some people will get part of their story mentioned and some people might get a picture they drew shown.

Written By: Carla Evans

Published By: Carla Evans

Match VS Ballyferriter/ Fybough

We had a match against Ballyferriter on the 26th of September and against Fybough on the 28th of September we lost to Ballyferriter by 2 goals and to Fybough by 3 goals. It was very fun because Fybough are friends with all of us and Ballyferriter have played us the last 4 years. We beat them the first time but they beat us the other three times. Our teachers said we were very good and that we might have a chance in the mini 7s this year.

Written By: Eden Murphy

Published By: Carla Evans


Today we played basketball for PE. The winners team captain was Sophie O Connor and her team mates were Lachlan, Michael, Marc and Ella. We had 4 teams and there were 4 matches. There was a Final and 3rd and 4th place play off. It was very fun. We also had two qualifiers at the start. The teacher and Keelan were 2 referees. These games were very fair. I hope we can do this again.

Written By: Gavin Sheehan

Published By: Carla Evans

Museum Artefact

On Tuesday, the 11th of September we brought in our museum artefacts. They were all very interesting. We had a vote for first, second and third place. The winner was Jamie Ladden, he brought in an old drill. Second was Ava Meikle, she brought in a GEO stone from the top of a mountain in Scotland and third place was Sophie O Connor, she brought in an old Finish cook book.

Written by: Carla Evans

Published by: Carla Evans

Food Dudes

On the 29th of September we started the Food Dudes programme. This is a programme to get children to eat healthy foods. This means we will receive fruit and veg in our school for eight days. After the eight or sixteen days we will start a chart. This means we have to bring in fruit and veg from home until we get our final certificate.

Written by: Sophie O’Connor

Published by: Carla Evans

Kerry Minors

The Kerry minors came to our school with the Tom Markham cup. Kerry beat Galway three goals and seven points to zero goals and nine points in the All Ireland Minor Football final on 18th September 2016 for their third consecutive championship. The whole school except for our football team who were playing a match in Dingle had photographs with them. They signed items for pupils. It was interesting.

Written by: Marcus Lavery

Published by: Carla Evans



Proclamation Day

On the 15th of March we had a Proclamation Day. Soldiers from the Irish Army came to the school in September and they gave us an Irish flag. There were people playing music and dancing. It was a really good day. At the end Savandra Clifford raised the flag.

Written by: Rachel Murphy

Published by: Laura Donohoe

Irish Role play

On the 14th of March we had an Irish Role play activity. Team 6 won. Their play was based in a pub. They got a green star for their team. It was really fun. We got to dress up as our characters. We got Irish lines to learn. There were 4 teams. Team 5 did Mrs Browns Boys, team 3 were in a pub and team 4 were on a golf course.

Written by: Savandra Clifford

Published by: Laura Donohoe

Engineers Visit

On the 29th February an engineer came to celebrate engineers week. He talked to us about his job, what he has made and what is needed to be an engineer. His name was Alan. He demonstrated how bridges work and built one from paper. He also showed us a video about what engineers do. It was very interesting, and I learned a lot about engineers. I hope he can come again next year it was a lot of fun.

Written by: Rachel Murphy

Published by: Liath Lenihan


On pancake Tuesday we brought pancakes into school. We ate them for 20 minutes at the beginning of the day. We then ate more at lunch. There were loads of toppings to put on the pancakes. There was Nutella, Sugar, Lemon, Chocolate syrup, marshmallows etc. Liath gave me pancakes because I didn’t bring any in. I hope we can do it again next year.

Written by: Aoife Clifford

Published by : Liath Lenihan

Ash Wednesday

On Ash Wednesday we felt very holy because we got ashes put on our forehead by Katherine. When you have Ashes on your forehead its a sign that you are very sorry for what you have done wrong. The day before Ashe Wednesday is called Pancake Tuesday. Pancake Tuesday is a day that you try to eat all the rubbish in your house. It is the day before Lent.

Written by: Conor O Dowd

Published by: Liath Lenihan

Arts and Crafts

During February for Arts and Crafts we made valentines day cards. Sophie won because she had the best valentines day card. Mine was one of the best. It took over half an hour to make them and lots of them were good. It was very fun. There was lots of good cards but I didn’t get to see all of them. The good thing is that everybody had fun.

Written by: Damien. G

Published by: Liath Lenihan

Election 2016

On the 11th of February we had a Election project on the 2016 Election and we had to design a poster and gather them all together and stick them on multicolored paper. We had 2 to 3  constituencies to research. The winner gets a green star for there team.

Written by: Savandra Clifford

Published by: Liath Lenihan


Valentines Window Display

On the 12th of February we put up a Valentines window display. It included bells and rings. It said Valentines in Irish and my favourite one was the bell. There was forty A4 pieces of paper used to make it. The paper was painted red and the letters were green. There was one thing on every piece of paper. There was also some pieces of paper used for pictures.

Written by: JJ Moriarty

Published by: Liath Lenihan

Community Games Art and Handwriting

For the Community Games people took part in  Art and Handwriting competitions. The people who got medals were Carla Evans, Ellen Griffin and Jamie and Dylan Ladden. Carla won the handwriting and the rest won  medals for their art. There was a lot of different themes for the art and people really enjoyed it.

Written by :Liath Lenihan

Published by: Liath Lenihan


1916 Easter rising project 2016

In February we had our 1916 Easter Rising project. Everyone got a subject to work on over the weeks. When it was done Liath and I made and a booklet out of all the subjects. We got a red star for our team. We had to design a cover for the booklet. Liath, Aoife and I worked on a subject together. It was about the Irish Republican brotherhood / Irish Volunteers. It was very interesting.

Written by : Laura Donohoe

Published by :  Liath Lenihan

An Post

We had a writing competition last week in school through An Post. The 5th and 6th class had to write 150 words. The theme of the story was ‘Children and Women of the 1916’. The stories were very interesting. Carla won from the 5th and 6th class category and Ava won from the 3rd and 4th class category. It was fun doing this and I hope we can do it again.

Written by : Dylan  Moriarty

Published by : Liath Lenihan

Saint Bridget Crosses

On Wednesdays the 27th of January we made Saint Bridget crosses. It was really fun. Liath and I made our Saint Bridget crosses together. When we were finished we helped other people with theirs. On Monday the 1st of February  Mr.Ryans class made their crosses. The 6th  class girls went in to help them. I helped Lara E and Tessa.

Written by: Laura Donohoe

Published by: Liath Lenihan

An Post

An Post is a writing competition that people enter every year to show off their writing skills. There are lots of categories for different age groups. It is a great achievement to win it. There are lots of prizes for the winners like money and One for All vouchers.

Written by Savandra Clifford

published by Savandra Clifford


On Friday we went to Mrs Griffins room to use our devices with her pupils. We use our Ipods , phones and Ipads. It is very fun. We brought down 9 our 10 people. I was with my sister Jayne and Keelan’s brother Ryan. We are going to be doing this every Friday because it is fun.

Written by Savandra Clifford

published by Dylan moriarty


One day we did Spikeball to help teach the people taking part in the spikeball competition. It was really fun. Our coach was Ed. He is Polish. He is a good coach and he is really good at Spikeball. He is the best.

Written by Savandra Clifford

published by Conor O’Dowd

Angel Art

On Friday 18th of December we did arts and crafts. We made paper plate angels for Christmas. We had paper Glitter, Tinsil and glue. I thought Aoife’s was the best. The winner got two red stars for their team. It was really fun I hope we can do it again next Christmas!

Written by Savandra Clifford

Published by Rachel Murphy

Swimming lessons

Every Wednesday we go swimming in Killarney. We leave the school at twelve o clock to go swimming. We are divided into four groups. We go swimming for 45 minutes. We have a lot of fun. At the end of the swimming lesson we get five minutes to play in the water. Then we get changed and come back to school at around three o clock.

Written by Savandra Clifford

Published by Liath Lenihan

The Snow Play

On the 9th of December we went to Siamsa Tire.  We watched a play called Snow Play. It was about two men called Mr White and Mr Green. Mr Green went on holidays and while he was on holidays Mr White took Mr Greens house. He covered the house in snow inside and out. When Mr Green came back he did everything  he could to try and get Mr White out of his house, but he didn,t susceed.

Written by  JJ Moriarty

Published by Damian G

Christmas Window Display

On Monday the 7th of December our teacher put up a Christmas window display. It says Nollaig Shona. On both sides of Nollaig it had bells on it and on Shona it had candles on it. The window display looked really cool.There were Christmas pictures all over the windows. There is a Christmas tree on one of the pictures and a stocking on another. I hope we can do it again next year. My favourite was the Christmas tree.

Written by Laura Donohoe.

Published by Damian G

SEAI Visit

On the 27th of November a lady called Catherine came into the school to talk to us about energy. SEAI stands for Suitable Energy Authority Of Ireland. She did demonstrasions about how energy was made. It was really fun and I hope she can come again to talk to us about much more. We had foam rockets and planks of wood and we would shoot the rockets from the planks. Everybody got to do something that she showed us.

Written by Rachel Murphy

Published by Damian G



Arts and crafts

On Friday 19th of November we did arts and crafts. We did paper mache and made cards for foreign schools. Some people were making their cards while others were gluing paper to their balloons. Next week we are going to burst the balloons and paint them. Everyone had glue on their fingers. It was really fun I hope we can do it again sometime.

Written by: Rachel Murphy

Published by: Dylan Moriarty

Science Morning

On Friday 13th we had a science morning outside and we all did experiments. Mrs. Griffin ‘s class came out to watch us do our experiments. Some of the experiments worked and some didn’t work. Sophie O’ Connor won the science morning competition, she did magic foam. I think her experiment was good she won a green star for her team.When we finished our experiments we went into Mr. Ryans classroom

Written by: Savandra Clifford

Published by : Dylan Moriarty

Science Table

On Thursday 12th we had a competition where we had to bring in something scientific. Dylan Moriarty came first he brought in an electric wind turbine. Laura Donohoe came second she brought in Iron filings and a magnet. Jamie Ladden came third and he brought in a blowtorch. Connie Feeney came fourth she brought in an old radio from 1924. All the artefacts were really interesting. Dylan won a green star for his team. He is on team 4. Some of the artefacts included a kettle, TV remote, zoomer and a vtech games console. I thought they were all interesting but my favourite was the leaf that Rachel Murphy brought in.

Written by: Laura Donohoe

Published by: Dylan Moriarty


On Friday the sixth of November we had PE.  The game we played was soccer. The girls did not want to play it but the boys did so we played it. Our team won our first game but it was not good enough. The winning team was very good. Their two best players were Dylan Moriarty and Eden Murphy.

Written by: Conor O’ Dowd

Published by: Dylan Moriarty

Doodle for Google

On Friday we did Doodle for Google. We got to draw our own Google drawings and the theme was ‘Ireland is….’ People coloured their drawings green , white and orange. We had a little competition in school on who won out of our classroom. Laura won because she had a really good drawing. We haven’t got the results back on the competition yet. We hope to have a winner in our classroom.

Written by: Liath Lenihan.

Published by: Dylan Moriarty

Window Display

We put up Halloween decorations on our window for Halloween. There is Oíche Shamna written across the window and there is also Happy Halloween written across the window. There are pictures of bats, witches, pumpkins and much more. The class helped to put them up. It was really cool and fun to put up.

Written by: Aoife Clifford

Published by: Aoife Clifford

Museum Artefact

On Friday we each brought in a museum artefact. Everyone brought in very old things and they were as old as each other. Three people who won, first place was Dylan Ladden, second place was Laura Donohoe and third place was Rachel Murphy. The First prize was a green star. The second prize was two red stars and the third prize was one red star. Some of the things were very interesting. I think the best one was the autograph book by Aoife Clifford. It was a book that you could draw a picture or write a poem or a story in.

Written by: Savandra Clifford

Published by: Aoife Clifford.


On Friday we played Basketball. It was really fun. Ther

e were four teams. There was the green team, the red team, the blue team and the yellow team. I was on the green team, we won all our matches. We had the best team for Basketball. I hope we do this every Friday. That would be fun.

Writen by: Conor O’Dowd.

Published by: Aoife Clifford.


Friday we played dodgeball during our PE class. We started our dodgeball at 12:30 and finished at 1:00, when we had our lunch. The teams were a bit unfair because my team won all three matches. When we were playing it nobody got injured as someone usually does when we are playing dodgeball. I thought it was really fun and enjoyable, I and hope we play it again sometime.
By: Dylan Moriarty.

Art Competitions
On September 25th we did two art competitions. The first one was about our eyes and being blind. The second one was the astelas art competition. That theme was about road safety. It was really fun. We painted the first one and drew the astelas one. Almost everyone drew eyes for the theme ‘open our eyes’. Hopefully someone from the school will win. I hope we can do art more often.
By: Rachel Murphy

Field Trip
We did our field trip on September 15th, our third week back to school. We went outside for twenty minutes. The group captains were Damien, Savandra, Laura and JJ. We found lots of insects like spiders, ants, cobwebs and snails. We had to bring out our copies to the yard and observe all we could. My favourite part was when we found a big spider on the wall. The field trip was fun.
By: Dylan Moriarty

Window Display
Today we hung up the paintings for Sunday, Kerry vs Dublin.The paintings said Charraí and there were Kerry flags. They looked so colourful and nice.The window looked so nice with the paintings up. Kerry won the minor match and Dublin won the senior final.
By: Savandra Clifford

Kerry Decorations
The Kerry display in my opinion was great. There was a lot of painted flags that were painted lots of different colours. The words were very cool looking and there was lots of small flags on the gates and we hung up big Ireland flags on the flag poles and on the basket ball hoops. All so there was a teddy bear in a green wheel barrow with KY on a registration plate.
By: Damien G.

Match vs Caragh Lake
On Friday the twenthy ninth of may we played carragh lake at two o clock in keel pitch.Jerry Griffen was our captain for that game. We started off bad with an early goal to carragh lake within seconds. We have a very strong back line with Dearbhla Foley,Cian Lenihan,Jerry Griffin,Liath Lenihan. One of our half backs cian Lenihan scored a class goal from the half way line that bounced trought the keepers legs.
By: Dearbhla Foley

Match vs.Glenbeigh

On Tuesday at quarter past twelve sixth, fifth and fourth class pupils played a match against Glenbeigh. Cian was the captain on the dy of the match. We played at Glenbeigh’s pitch. We were playing against the wind in the first half. In the second half we were playing with tot oyr backs. Blenbeigh beat us by just a few points. We wished them luck in their future matches.
Written by: Jerry Griiffin
Published by: Cian Lenihan

Window Display
Last week Sir put the Summer Window display up. There is a lot of colourful flowers and butterflies. Sir put it up when we had a football match. Some people stayed back as they had no interest in football. So they helped. I ttook about half an hour to put it up as we had to stick it to the window. Sir will leave it up until the last week of the school year.
By Zara OReilly

Today some people went to the match. When they were gone the people who were left did clay. We were basing it on the famine. Some people did coffin ships and others did houses and churches. We were having great fun. Our teacher let us use all the rollers and shapers. When the other people came back we told them that they were doing it next week. We loving doing art work in school.
By Ellie Redmond

Mini Golf
we had golf today 3/5/2015 i really enjoyed it. We had it for another three week. Today 3/5/2015 we had ddifferent unit. In reach unit six Peopel could play. We have an hour. Their is tree classes and the small ones get 45 minutes . Mr Ryans class get an hour as well. This is sixth class#leggendsofcastledrum last year.

by Dearbhla Foley

Boys Skills
On Friday Cian, Cathal and IJerry went to the skills competition. The competiton was held in the main pitch in Milltown. Cramán won the skills with 56 points. We had 36 points. The individual winner was Owen. Jerry had 16 points , Cathal had 14 and Cian had 6 points. We all had great fun. Cathal brought the football.

Brendan O’Sullivan
On Tuesday 5th of may Brendan O’Sullivan came to our school to teach us music. Aoife brought in her accordion and Liath brought in her concertina. Brendan revised over the tunes for our 150th year anniversary. Brendan wants us to learn Gaoth Aneas, Polka Dealaí and John Walsh’s Polka off by heart for next week. Brendan will come to us for another five weeks to teach us music. The majority of our class play the tin whistle except for Liath, Rachel, JJ and Aoife.

Self potraits
On the twenty second of april a sub called Miss Sheehan came in. Miss Sheehan comes in often to sub for the school. Today with Miss Sheehan we did self potraits. Doing the self potraits was really fun. Every one did one and they were all very good. I Hope next time Miss Sheehan comes in we can do self potraits againn

By; Dearbhla Foley

Today a nun came to our school to talk about poor countries. She told us about how some children go to school and others are to poor to go to school. A missionary helps the kids by building schools and giving them their books. She showed us pictures of poor little kids who get no dinner till their parents come home. A missionary changes so many young lives and are hoping too for a longtime.
Written by: Ellie Redmond
Published by: Cian Lenihan

Window Boxes
On Wednesday 22nd of April sir planted our window boxes. We have two boxes outside each classroom and one hanging basket’s. We planted different colour of mi muculs flower. We also water the flowers every few days using the water from our water butt. We have two plant boxes outside our class, Mr.Ryan’s and Mrs.Griffin s.
Written by: Holly Render Ga St
Published by: Cian Lenihan

Freddy Buttons competition
Glens Freddy Buttons Competition. Where you had to design a bookmark for them. If someone from our classroom wins we could win a trip to Bloom, a set of Freddy’s books for your school, win book tokens and have your bookmark printed. Our classroom designed their own bookmarks and there were all very good. Fifth and Sixth class themes were honey or goats milk. Well I hope we win.
Written by: Zara O’Reilly
Published by: Can Lenihan

Vegetables Patch
Last Friday all of sixth class had to go out to the back of the school where we were going to plant the vegetables. We were planting cress, pumpkins, carrot’s, and a potato. We had great fun. We had shovels and towels. When we were finished planting the vegetables we watered them.
Written by: Jerry Griffin
Published by: Can Lenihan
Today the girls from Castledrum and Fybough went to the girls mini 7s in Croman. Mr Mac Gearailt and Miss Lovette went with them. When they got to Croman the teacher’s told them who was playing first. The team for the first match was Dearbhla, Ellie, Holly, Brídann, Eleanor, Liath and Moira. They gave everyone a chance to play. They won their first game and were through to the quarter final. After that they lost their second game. They had a rest before their big game. Unfortunely they lost their game and it was time for them to go home. They had a great time.

On Monday sir put up the Saint Patrick’s windows display. Every year sir puts the window display for Saint Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Halloween and Valentines day. This time it is for Saint Patrick’s day. The display was in green, white and orange. There was a leprechaun, shamrock and other Irish symbols.
By: Zara O’Reilly

On the 27th of February we made our confirmation.Everyone was excited for the day. We had three practices in the church. Nearly everybody got a job. Holly, Ellie, Liath and Moira sang at the start of the mass. We were in charge of the art for this year. Holly, Ellie, Zara and Jake drew the pictures and the rest of the class painted them. We drew the fruits of the Holy Spirit. After the mass we took a picture with the Bishop. Everyone enjoyed their day.
By: Ellie Redmond

On Tuesday the 10th of February Martin Horgan came to our school. He brought two trainees with him. Martin separated us in two teams for a match. There was nine on each team. Martin said “we are going to play football matches every Tuesday”.we love football matches. Martin will come for six weeks. He will spend twenty minutes with every classroom.

Window Display
Today our teacher put up our valentines window display. We have had art for a long time. We put a window display up for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and Easter. We put them up every. They are very colourful. For Valentines the colour scheme is usually red and pink. For other occasions we use different colours. We have a lot of fun putting them up

Community Games WinnersbeastPancakesGardastorysegineer weekwindow diplayConfirmationConfirmation Art.
This year our school had to do the fruits of the holy spirit. We had the same piece of art two years ago. There are 9 fruits. Ellie, Zara, HOLLY and Jake did the drawings The rest of the paintings are very nice. We stuck our paintings on a big white board and we stuck on symbols of confirmation. We got all the paintings done before the Confirmation.

Pancake Tuesday.
We had pancakes in our class room on the 17th of Febuary. We all had pancakes and some of us shared pancakes with people who did not have pancakes, most of us had three or four pancakes. We had our pancakes at 11 o’clock. We all had great fun spreading the treats all over our pancakes, we all had sticky and and faces. We all really like pancake Tuesday because we only have pancake on that day. It is 6th classes last year celebrating pancake Tuesday with Castledrum N.S.

Garda Visit.
On Thursday the 12th of Febuary we had a visit from a Garda. Garda Kelly came in to talk to us about internet safty and cyber-bullying. He asked us if we had phones and the majority of us said yes. He also asked if we had Facebook accounts. He also asked us if we were on Snapchat, Instagram etc. We said yes and he asked us if we thought they were secure. We said no and then he talked about wrong numbers and that if we get a text from an unknown caller that we should not delete it and tell somebody. He then showed us his pepper spray, baton, handcuffs and radio. He showed us how he used them and told us what situation he would to use it.

Saint Bridget’s Day Crosses.
On Friday the 23rd of January junior and senior infants, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class made some Saints Bridgets day crosses. Saint Bridget day crosses are made from rushes. The rushes are woven together to make the shape of a cross. The pupils who brought the rushes to school put them in the shed outside the school. we all enjoyed making them.

Alive’O Examiner.
A women called Maria came to the school on the 7/11/14 she was a Alive’O examiner. She told everybody her name and we told her our names. We started off with a song and then she asked us about prophet so we named all the ones we knew. Then she said a few of her favourite pomes and then it was time for her to go.

Doodle for google.
Last Friday our teacher gave us out sheets with the word google written on it. We had to colour or decorate the word google. We could also draw pictures around google. On the sheet there was information on the bottom. We had to write a description about what we drew. We had to fill in our name, age, class, school, teachers name, and stuff like that. The winners colouring or drawing would be on google home screen for around x-mas.

Halloween Fancy Dress.
On Friday 24th od October we had a fancy dress day in school. we had a fancy dess competition in our classroom and Cian won the best costume. We went bobbing for apples and a lot of peoples face paint came off in the water. Everyone brought in two euro for temple street as part of their trick or treat for temple street campaign. This is to raise money for Crumlin children’s hostital in Dublin. Some of the teachers dressed up as well. Mrs.Griffin dressed up as Dracula and Mr.Delaney dressed up as a surgeon after getting brain surgery.

Kerry Man Stories.
Today we were told that we were entering the Kerry Man story competition. We enter the competition every year. You can only write up 500 words. When everyone brings in there story our teacher will send them off. We also put our own book together for our book self at the back of the room. This year I was putting the book together because I designed the cover for the book.

Halloween Relay Competition.
On Friday the 24th of October it was our last day in school. We all dressed up. We played games as well. The game we played was called bob the apple. We played laot’s of rounds. Ellie’s team won. They won three rounds. They got a green star for winning.

The Kerry Council Art.
We did art with our sub for Friday the 16th of October. There were some lovely pictures in the classroom. I was pleased with my picture. There were very colourful pictures in the classroom too and the sub was very happy with our pictures. We spent 45 minutes drawing and colouring the pictures. We are sending them off on the 21st of October.
By Cian Lenihan

Mr. MacGearailt teaches 4th, 5th and 6th

We have two goldfish in our classroom. They’re names are Thunder an Lightning. They are yellow and orange. Lightning is the yellow one and Thunder the orange. We have a smartboard in our classroom, we use it to look up information on the subjects and play some knowledge games, we have three laptops in our classroom too. We have a library in our classroom with lots of books to choose from. The Kerry Library comes to us once a year and two students gets to go out and pick some books for our library. We have a class wormery where we have feed the worms and water the soil. We have teams in our classrooms, there are five people on a team. If your team wins a competition you get a red star, we have all kinds of competitions Tables, Comhra Gaeilge, Gramadach, Nathanna Cainte and much more. If your team has the most stars by the end of the week you get a green star. Whoever has the most stars by the end of the year gets a trophy.