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Diary 2014, 2015

On Friday an engineer came to our school for engineer’s week. The engineer’s name was Fionnán McCarthy. Fionnán was asking us what our world would be like without engineers. There are a lot of types of engineers. He did and exercise with us that involved balloons. What we had to do was hit the balloon as hard as we could and see how far it will go. After we hit the balloons hard we hit it softer to see how far it goes.

This year in the mini 7s we went on our own. We had no luck in our first game but we played very good in the first half of the first game and we had Marc Murphy in goals who did very well because he is only in 3rd class. We had a little bit more luck in the second game when Cathal Griffin played his heart out and nearly won the game for us. We were out of school for the day but we came home with nothing.

Seachtaine Na Gaeilge
This year for Seachtain Na Gaeilge week we had an Irish role play. There were four teams an I was on team six. The winning team was picked by the class. The winning team was team six. I was on team six with Jerry, Savandra and Moira. We got two green stars for the best play. Our play was about a nuns fashion show and I was the judge and Savandra and Jerry were the nun models. Moira was off sick with a chest infection to make to the play so we had to do it without her. We also had a quiz out on the court and team three won it. This was six class last Seachtaine Na Gaeilge in Castledrum N.S.
By: Cian Lenihan

Credit Union Quiz
On Friday the 30th of January the school took part in the Credit Union Quiz. The schools that were there was: Milltown, Castlemaine, Fybough, Ballyfinnane, Killtalagh, Listry and us. The U13 came fifth but we were only 6 points off first. Milltown came first. U11 came fourth. It was very fun and we had a great time.
By Cathal Griffin

Today is the 28th of January and we went to the spikeball in Killarney Leisure Centre. The team was Jerry Griffin, Cathal Griffin, Dearbhla Foley, Jake O’Reilly, Dylan Moriarty, Moira Griffin and me {Ellie Redmond}. Before we went we had to have training sessions. Our first game was at 12 o’clock. Jerry Cathal, Dearbhla and I were the first four on the court. We were against a very good team. We did very well but sadly we didn’t win. We had four games and came ninth.
By Ellie Redmond

Today was our first swimming lesson. We go swimming every year with the school. We go to Killarney Leisure Centre. We go every Wednesday at 12:10. Not all of the school goes. Second class and up go. At swimming there are different levels. There are some pretty good swimmers in our school. At the end of each lesson we get 20 minutes of play. Every week we learn something new. We learn Back stroke, Front stroke and Breast stroke. Everyone enjoys it.
By Ellie Redmond

Catholic Schools Week
The theme for Catholic Schools Week 2015: Catholic Schools: A Call to Serve, invites all involved in Catholic education to examine what we understand by service and how we live out the call to serve. We are called to self-reflect and remind all members of the school community of the founding values : in other words, education is never simply about transmitting simple facts. This year, school communities are encouraged to answer the Call to Serve; for example , by reaching out to those who are most in need in society. During CSW 2015, Catholic Schools are encouraged to celebrate their identity as Catholic Schools.
By Dearbhla Foley

Credit Union Quiz
On Tuesday 13th of January, we choose our team for the Credit Union Quiz. The people who are eligible for the U11 competition went into Mr.Ryans. The rest of the classroom stayed in our room and Mr. Macgearailt choosed the U13 ‘s Team. When we finished our quiz Sir asked, who got the highest score. The U 13 Teams Captin is Jerry Griffin, Vice Captin is me {Holly Pendergast}, Cathal, Rachel and Dearbhla is the sub. The U11 teams Captin is JJ Moriarty, Vice Captin is Jake OReilly, Marcus Lavery, Conor ODowd and the sub is Eden Murphy.The quiz is on Friday the 30th of January. The U11 team answer 10 rounds while the uU 13 team will have to answer 12 rounds.
By Holly Pendergast

Active Schools Meeting
On Monday the 12th we had an Active School Meeting. We talked about Football Free Friday, where you have to play a different sport instead of football or soccer. Try It Tuesday or Slí na Slánte is where you have to do laps around the court either by running or walking. Last year we did gymnastics and we might do it again this year. Right now we are taking swimming lessons in killarney. Mr. Ryan will put all this information in our Active Schools Folder.

By Zara O’Reilly

On Thursday the 7th of January we had our Gaelbhratach meeting. The meeting took place in the office around 2 o’clock. The committee attended as well as the teachers. The meeting took place for approximately 5-10minutes. The discussion of the meeting was about the third part. What we talked about at the meeting was how we were going to initiate it. Like #1 was Amhrán Na bhFiann, #2 was speaking Irish in class. Gaelbhratach is to promote speaking Irish more often.
By Holly Pendergast

Confirmation Art

This Year our school had to draw The Fruits of the Holy Spirits. We had to draw the Fruits of the Holy Spirits four years ago.
There is 9 fruits. Ellie, Zara, Jake and Holly drew the Fruits of the Holy Spirits. The rest of the class painted them and I think they did a very good job. They are very nice.
By Cian Lenihan

On Thursday the 27th of November, Zara won the Astellas Art Competition. The theme this year was all about saving Water and Lives. When Zara was at Astellas, They had lots of speeches. They also had lots of prizes and prepared lots of food and sweets. Zara was Highly Recommended and won a prize for herself and the school. She got lots of paints and lots of art materials. They had to split it among each classroom. Zara saw lots of peoples  art work from our school on the walls of Astellas. And lots from other schools.
By: Zara O’ Reilly.

On the 20th of November Mrs Quins held a clothes collection. Our school always does it because we have lot of jumpers, jackets and even some T-shirts in our cloakrooms. The school sent a text out to all of the parents to bring in old clothes. I f people brought in clothes they  were to be put in black bags. The clothes were put into a white van. Our class helped out taking the bags out to the van. And the white van will bring all the black bags to charity.
By: Jerry Griffin

On Thursday the 20th of November Brendan O’Sullivan came to our school. He came to teach us the tin whistle. Brendan came last year also and  though us tin whistle and though some people the guitar, accordion and the violin. J.J, Rachel and Aoife play the accordion. Liath plays the concertina, Conor plays the banjo and Cathal and Holly play the guitar. Brendan is teaching us the little diamond polka, Slip Jig and Polka Dealaí. Brendan is making us learn The Little Diamond Polka off by heart. Brendan also plays music and is very good at it.
By: Ellie Redmond

On Wednesday the 19th of November we had our Ceremony of Enrollment in Kiltallagh. It started at 7:30 P.M. Sir told us to be there at 7:20. There are 46 children making their Confirmation this year. There are 18 making their Confirmation from our school. Cian said he was going to pick St. Anthony as his Confirmation name. We are making our confirmation on the 27th of February.

Credit Union Art Competition.
On Friday the 14th of November. Holly won from our classroom[6th&5th]. She came second in the 11-13 category. The first place winner was Cillian Broadbery from Presention Secondary School and Eve Mackessy came third and all Hollys family went to the dinner and holly got a lovely trophy. She said she loved the night.

Halloween Fancy Dress.
On Friday 24th of October we had a fancy dress day in school. we had a fancy dress competition in our classroom and Cian won the best costume. We went bobbing for the apples and a lot of peoples face paint came off in the water. Everyone brought in two euro for temple street. As part of their trick or treat for temple street campaign. This is to raise money for Crumlin children’s hospital in Dulbin. . Some of the teacher dressed up as well. Mrs.Griffin dressed up as Dracula and Mr.Deleney dressed up as a surgeon after getting brain surgery.
By: Cian Lenihan

Goal jersey day
On Friday 19th of September our school had a goal jersey day. We have this every year the reason we have the jersey day is to raise funds for goal jersey day initiative. Goal is an international humanitarian agency dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor. We are a non-denominational, non-governmental and non-political Organisation. Goal was founded in Dublin in 1977 by former sports journalist and former Chief Executive, John O’Shea. Since its inception, Goal has spent in excess of £790 million on humanitarian programmes in more than 50 countries
By: Holly Prendergast

Painting the pencil holders
On Friday the 3rd of October we had to paint our pencil holders. I painted my pencil holders multi-coloured and so did many other people. I am going to give one of my pencil holders to my nan and I am going to keep the other for myself. Jerry, Ellie, Holly and myself were the first to paint our pencil holders. I enjoyed it a lot
By: Cian Lenihan

Film festival 2014
On Friday 10th of October our school went to the film festival. The film festival this year was a series of small movies instead of one long movie. My stuffed granny was the first film. It was made by a Russian person. The second film was called Mr. Plastimime it was about a mime. The third film was called Rockmount it was based on Roy Keane when he was younger and played at rockmount. The fourth film was Sebastian and was black and white and was about a boy that could see colour instead of black and white. The fifth film was called Subs and it was about two boys who go to soccer training and they were the last ones left to be picked and became friends. The last movie was called Deadly and was a cartoon and was about a person taking the souls of old people and become friends with an old lady.
By: Holly Prendergast

Astellas Art Competition

Today we did our Astellas art competition. The topic for this year was Save water saves life. It’s all about saving water and lives. Everyone had different designs. Some people drew the world with water all around it. We hope someone wins this year, almost every year someone wins or gets highly recommended.
By: Zara O’Reilly

Football with Martin Horgan
On Tuesday the 13th of September Martin came to the school to do football with us. He takes them by room. He did lots of different drills with us. He does matches and games. He does it on the tarmac sometimes because the grass is wet. He will be coming for another 4 weeks. He is nice but strict.
By: Cathal Griffin

green schools
We had our first meeting on the 19/9/2014 at 2pm. This year our motto is maintain four and drive for five. our new is Mrs.Griffin, Mr.Ryan, Mr.Macgearailt, Mary Prendergast, Mary Murphy, Catherine O’Connor, Cian Lenihan, Jake O’Reilly, Marcus Lavery, Abbie Redmond and Dlyan Ladden. We would like to welcome Mrs.Griffin and Lara O’ Dowd and we would like to thank the parents for their work for the last 8 years.

By: Cian Lenihan.

new furniture
we got our new furniture on the 16th of September. Every classroom got new furniture.. Mrs Griffins class got a full transformation they got new tables and chairs and a new table for the teacher. Then Mr Ryan’s room got the second biggest transformation they got new tables and chairs. Then in the office they got a new table and comfy chairs wit cushion but last but not least Mr Mac Gearailt got a new teacher desk.
by Dearbhla Foley

Rugby with Ray
We had our first rugby class in the 15th of September and we will have it every monday for six weeks. We first had to catch the people with out the ball and then you had to run as fast as you can away so the new person with the ball will not catch you, we enjoyed the rugby.

By;Cian Lenihan

Devices with Infants
On Friday two teams go down to Mrs.Griffins classroom to let play with our device’s like I pods I pads blets of all sorts. we let them play games like Subway Surfer, maths games,Minecraft and spelling games and other games like that. Last year was our first year bringing down our devices to Mrs. Griffins room this is our second year going down.

field trip
On the 5th of September we had a field trip in the school yard. There were four teams. Over the week the team had to plan everything out. The team captains would give every one a job and on the last day you had to bring to school. Some people had to type dictionary work, fieldwork five and others had to draw a map of the school yard with the markings where they found the bugs, Others had to draw and colour pictures of bugs and some had to get rubbings of a tree bark or a leaf. On Thursday the 5th sir gave the captain instruments for their teams. They had pouters and tweezers magnify glass , we had to go around with the instruments to find bugs, then the teams had to get all together. then we had to vote for the best project the teams were 3 4 5 and 6 they were all very good. when we counted up all the votes team three won.
by Zara O’Reilly

By: Jerry Griffin

Decorations for Kerry v Donegal
We hung up our decorations on the 2nd of september. We have flags and poster hung up in the school and in the school yard we have a wheelbarrow in the wheelbarrow there is a teddy bear in the kerry colours. We have the flags along the gates and on the railings. we have the flags two big flags and they are on our basketball hoops

By: Cian Lenihan

Prayer Service
Every year we do a start of year prayer service to welcome in the junior infants and help us make the most of the new school term. At midterm we do another prayer service. Then at end of year prayer service we give thanks for the school year tp rember thoses you died during the school year and we say good bye to our six class students as they leave the school

By; Dearbhla Foley

Back to School
On the twenty sixth of August we came back to school and so did our former sixth class students who started secondary school. Nine new junior infants started this year. There are four boys and five girls. There names are Brandon, Drew, Odhran, Ryan, Ciara, Jayne, Kaylee May, Lily Mai and Robyn. we also have a new girl Ava who started third class today. She’s from Ballyfinnane. This year for the class situation is Mrs Griffin has junior infants, senior infants and first class. Mr Ryan has second, third and fourth class. Mr Mac Gearilt has fifth and sixth class

by: Holly Prendergast

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