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DPSM 2018

Here is our DPSM application for 2018


Slime Factory

           SLIME        FACTORY

We made slime. It was very fun, there are different tpyes of slime. The infants helped us. To the left there are some of the slimes we made.          




Step 5: STEM Showcase

Blowing up a balloon with yeast

5th and 6th class, were learning how yeast works. We did an experiment using yeast, sugar and warm water to fill up a balloon. We left it sit in a warm area and saw once the bottle filled with gas the balloon filled too.


 Blobs in a bottle

5th and 6th class were investigating how a lava lamp works. We made our own version in class.  We used clear bottle, water, vegetable oil, fizzing tablets and food colouring. We learnt about intermolecular polarity.













Our annual science fair was a great success again this year. Students brought in and demonstrated all kinds of experiments. Everyone was amazed.









A lot of teamwork went into the science fair and the demonstrations were very good at showing people how things work











We used the trundle  wheel to measure the perimeter of the building










and made a graph after analyzing some data










We did a big maths quiz in the school for maths week aswell. Everyone took part. Some questions were really hard

Maths Week 12 days of christmas for junior primary landscape

We do maths stations every week:











This was definitely  very popular with the students here. Designing and making bridges. They also loved learning about the different types of engineering and everyone really got into the engineering quiz.





















The children in 6th class update the school blog every week. 









And we made a padlet to tell everyone about the SDGS. Have a look here

Its also on our school twitter a/c – @castledrumns

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STEP 1 Science

Science Speaker. Everybody loved Shauna. We want to see her back again next year. She nearly made a hole in the ceiling of our classroom with a rocket!










We had lots of fun doing our experiments this year.

Here are some pictures of more experiments:











We did experiments on materials that mix with

others. Some did mix and some did not. The  experiments were very fun. 3rd class and 4th class

found a deck about slime on the tinycards app.

We might make some slime soon.                                                                                                             To the left there are some experiments.







Environmental Awareness and Care

We did a beach clean up.We went to the beach for a  few hours to clean it. We put all the rubbish into  black bags. It was very good, we all enjoyed it.

We keep our school grounds and property very clean. We do recycling and food waste collections.













 Living Things








Here the infants are investigating sea snails
They called this the Hypnotic One…


MAX and Cormac used the IPAD and google images to sketch a blue jay. Cormac found an egg . It was mysterious so himself and Max used science to find out…







They identified the egg as belonging to a Blue Jay bird However the girls say its a









Investigating electricity is always a big hit.









Everybody loved making the circuits and the switches

Sometimes some really strangge stuff can happen when you mix stuff together






Other Stuff

The kids in 2nd class totally loved Spideys work and after looking at the reflections video went on to do their own









and in this one , we are not sure who it is or what is going to happen….









The race is on to see who can build the tallest and the sturdiest tower…





There’s loads more…keep an eye on the blog.

Upcoming events include the ‘SLIME FACTORY’…..gooooy. Can’t wait!