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Discover Primary Maths and Science Award

Here is our 2016 – 2017 application for a plaque to celebrate all our work in Maths and Science. Both staff and students have immensely enjoyed preparing for this. We have posted here a sample of the activities for each of the steps.

Our Award is KYO28

Step 5 Stem Showcase

We had great fun on the open science day. Some of the experiments of it are outlined in Step One. The big ones were very good at explaining what was happening to the younger ones. Here are a few more pictures….

The lads were really particular about this take off – we all had to stand back



Results of the whole school science quiz became quite tense at times!



Step 4 Maths

We had great fun on our maths trail and we saw the builders putting triangles in the roof of the new building. The big ones were the captains.







We used our maths skills to make a bar chart to show a class decision



And we use measuring with our plant ..






Step 3 Engineering

 We had lots of fun designing and making stuff when we were looking at engineers. In fact there is a real engineer coming to visit us next week cos all the Steps ones were too busy during engineer’s week. We built bridges and things that turn and twist and invented stuff and had a big school quiz in engineers week . Look…. check out these pic from the schools Twitter account: @Castledrumns






Step 2 Technology (ICT)

When we tell our news we like to use Padlet : here’s a link to one during the year:

Skype interviews are a regular occurance here. We really like them. 







We have Gaeilge le Gadgets every Friday when the big ones record the little ones and help them with their Gaeilge. Éist le seo:

put in file …. attached in email

We update this blog every week in Mr. McGearailt’s room

and we have an engineer coming into talk to us nest Wednesday.









Step 1:

We are off to the Aquarium in Dingle for our school tour . Its a Discovery Centre. We’re going on June 9th  and we can’t wait.







Experiments during Science week

All aboard for science week
















Strand: Environmental Awareness and care

We are very proud of our beautiful surroundings here in Castledrum and we are very careful about keeping it tidy. There is a daily rota in place and we are very particular about recycling.

We even recycled our old clothes.










Strand: Energy and Forces

There were sparks flying in this science lesson all about electricity!







And we nearly lost these two… they nearly flew off in their wind powered rocket.








In fact it took everybody to keep them on the ground:









Strand: Living Things

The ‘Field Work Five’ did an amazing showcase of the results of the minibeast hunt.



When investigating what plants need to grow

we looked at our wildflower patch…

…and the green schools committee decided to add a rowan tree!










even upside down ! WOW GUYS!

We love measuring too. Every year we measure our height and foot size at the beginning and at the end of the year.

Here is a picture of our feet dancing on the ceiling.








Science speaker: We had a visit from a dentist who told us all about our teeth, how to mind them and which foods are harmful. She used a powerpoint.



Strand: Materials


At our science week experiment expo everyone loved this gooey stuff.







Science week 2015

image image image image image image imageimage


This years file and folder have been submitted and we await the decision of the steering committee.

All our information and data is currently being collected and will be put in the folder for submission.

On Friday 6th of March an engineer came to our school for engineer’s week. The engineer’s name was Fionán McCarty. Fionán was asking us what our world would be like without engineers. There are a lot of types of engineers. Fionán is a civil engineer. He did an exercise with us that involved balloons. What we had to do was hit a balloon as hard as we could and see how far it went. After we hit the balloon hard we hit it soft to see how far it would go.
By: Jerry Griffin

What Is Engineers Week?
Engineers week is a week-long program of nationwide events celebrating the world of engineering in Ireland. The aim of the week is to create a positive awareness of and spark enthusiasm about the engineering profession among people of various ages with little or no engineering background.

Primary Science and Maths

On Thursday 20th of November we had brought in something for our science table. After we saw all of the artefacts, we voted on the best one. Aoife won and got a green star for her team. She brought in a Zoomer, which is an interactive pet. Liath came second and brought in a vtech and some games. I brought in my furby boom and tablet and demonstrated how you play with it on the app.
by: Holly Prendergast

field trip
On the 5th of September we had a field trip in the school yard. There were four teams. Over the week the team had to plan everything out. The team captains would give every one a job and on the last day you had to bring to school. Some people had to type dictionary work, fieldwork five and others had to draw a map of the school yard with the markings where they found the bugs, Others had to draw and colour pictures of bugs and some had to get rubbings of a tree bark or a leaf. On Thursday the 5th sir gave the captain instruments for their teams. They had pouters and tweezers magnify glass , we had to go around with the instruments to find bugs, then the teams had to get all together. then we had to vote for the best project the teams were 3 4 5 and 6 they were all very good. when we counted up all the votes team three won.
by Zara O’Reilly

On this page we hope to show you the hard work we will do in the areas of Maths and Science. We have applied to be part of the Discover Maths and Science awards and hopefully we will be participating in the programme during the year.

Primary Science and Maths Award
Today we received our Primary Science and Maths Award. We are delighted that we achieved this award. We are going to put it above our Science and Maths notice board in the bottom room.

The greenwave project has now begun. We will be trying to photograph and document the signs of Spring. we have chosen the Horse Chestnut as our species of choice.