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Diary 2012, 2013

Diary of Events 4th,5th and 6th Class
January 2012

Coach Our Spikeball coach is called Edward. He comes most Tuesdays. He only started coming last week. He comes for about an hour. Bringing us out for half an hour and then the smaller classes for about twenty minutes. Edward is about thirty five and has been doing spike ball for around twenty years. Edward will be coming for the next month or so to teach us spike ball, before the tournament that will be happening at the end of the month.
By Colin Foley

On the 12th of January we went down to the sports field for gymnastics. We were down there for 45 minutes, but didnt get much done because we had to be up again for 11 o’clock break. When we got down there we started off with some warm-ups, then the teacher showed us the fundamentals of gymnastics. Then Gary came out and did a few rolls for us. After that we got to try it for ourselves. Then the teacher told us to walk over a long stick or a volt, while we were on that we were allowd to do jumps and turns. We did all the activities on the mats, which belong to the school. We all enjoyed it and thanks to Keel GAA for supplying the clubhouse.
By Garret Prendiville

INEC Kilarney Music In The Classroom
Today we went to see Music in the classroom at the INEC in killarney. The RTE concert Orchestra were the people holding the concert. It was a good enough concert. In the orchestra there were many instruments violas , violons, chellos,double basses, french horns, and tuba to name just a few. The main theme of the concert was toby the tuba. They also played music from some films including Toy Story. It was realy good when they played you got a friend in me. The conductor told us to put our arm around the person sitting next to you. Then two Indiana Jones characters came on stage they were running around like maniacs! There was a game the other teams Indiana found the treasure but ours ran up to him and stole it. it was great fun. Sadly it wasnt our group who got the prize. We all had a great time!
By Micheal Griffin

Fire Station
On Wednesday the 18th of January we visited the fire station in Kilorglan. The firefighters gave us a tour around the fire station to see what it was like. They showed us the radio room, the kitchen, the classroom,The bathrooms, the cloakroom and outside. We got to use the hose. We got to see everything they used in an emergency and what was in the fire truck. Shay was one of the firefighters he showed us this really cool thing called the jaws of life. They are use to take the door off a car and other stuff too. It was really heavy, the firefighters were taught how to lift it. It was so stong that if you put it under the fire truck it would be able to lift it. We were split into two groups Damien Ouigg had one group and Sean Coffey had the other. We all had a great time and at the end we got stickers. When we came back to school we went on their website it showed them in action. It aslo had a tour of the station and all the firefighters names were on it.
By Nicole Murphy

Green Flag
On the sixteenth of January our classroom went out to check the water meter.It is out on the road so the teacher had to pick one student to go out and check it with him.While the rest of us and write down the numbers the boy or girl called out to us.We take down the reading every monday.Each week someone different will go out to check the meter.
By Sean Langford

On friday we went planting crocusses. Crocusses are a memorial of the Jewish people who were invaded by the Nazi’s. First of all we emptied the compost and stones out of the old beds. Then we put in new earth and stones in. Then we planted the crocuses bulbs. Finally we watered them and put them outside each classroom.
By Anthony O’ Shea.

Writer’s Week
We are entering a writing competition for writer’s week. You can write a story short, poem, limerick or an essay. We all chose a short story. You can write about anything, like maybe a scary story or a funny one; it could be fiction or non-fiction whatever you want. Everyone in the class is to write 500 words for the under 13 category except Clodagh Murphy only has to write 300 words because she is in under 9 category. There are prizes for first, second and third. Last year Clodagh Murphy came 3rd with her story and won some money. A few more years back Laura Prendergast came second also winning money. Let’s hope the school will have another winner this year. Good luck to everyone participating.
By Shauna Courtney.

Credit Union Class Quiz
On the 24th of January the teams were picked for the credit union quiz. The team for the under 11s is Caoimhe Evans, Lara Moriarty, Sean Langford and Sean Corcoran. Caoimhe is the captain for the under 11s. The under 13s team is Darragh O Brien, Nicole Murphy, Anthony O Shea and Micheal Griffin. Darragh O Brien is the captain for the under 13s. It is on the 3rd of February, we are all looking to it. We had a class quiz to decide who was to be on the team. The class quiz had 20 questions. The sub for the under 13s is Aoife Corcoran and the sub for the under 11s is Cara Clifford. They will come on the team if a team member can’t make it.
By: Lara Moriarty

February 2012

Green Schools Meeting Castledrum N.S. Wednesday 2nd February 2012 Present: Carla, JJ, Jerry, Colin, Anthony, Katherine, Miss Mary, Mary, Marian, P.J. and Ciaran.

Mr. Ryan opened the meeting by welcoming all present.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and adapted.
Led by Mr. Ryan a discussion ensured on our application for our third Green Flag.
The meeting was informed that a toilet flush tracker system was introduced and in operation in all classrooms.
The committee was also informed that regular water metre readings were been taken in the school and that the weekly water consumption was in the region of three cubic metres.
Mr. Ryan suggested that the committee introduce a water survey grid/ bar chart to show same.
A visit to the water reservoir in the area was suggested as viable option as part of our Action Day. As well as tracking the path of the Broken River adjacent to the school.
The committee acknowledged and commented upon the great improvements made re: water conservation in the school over the past year particular reference was made to the upgrade of the plumbing system.
It was decided to start in earnest with our written application.
Next meeting was fixed for around 22nd of February.
Meeting was adjured by Mr Ryan at 2:40pm.
by Shauna Courtney

Catholic Schools Week
This week is catholic schools week. This is a very special time of year celebrated every year. This tear is the year of the Eucharist. On Wednesday the 1st of February we had a small prayer service for catholic schools week. This year we had our prayer service on grandparent’s day. So we had the prayer service in memory of them. The prayer service only lasted around twenty minutes. Miss Mary a former teacher of Castledrum came in to talk to us about how it was like to live around 1940. And she stayed for an hour.
By Colin Foley

Spike Ball Tournament
Today we went to Tralee to play spike bell. The team was Darragh O Brien, Nicole Murphy, Aoife Corcoran, Micheál Griffin, Anthony O Shea and Shauna Courtney we recorded the first third fourth and the semi-final. We came third overall. We won our first game and fourth and the quarter-final. We were very disappointed because we only lost by four points. We got taken there by John Corcoran and Jason Foley. They brought us home too. We had a great day and we got no homework! which was great
By Micheál Griffin.

Last weekend our teacher got two goldfish. We get to pick their names. The suggestions were Lightning and Thunder, Harry and Potter and Barbie and Ken. Whoever Sir picks will get a red star. We have to feed the fish twice a day. And also we have to clean their tank out about every month.
By Caoimhe Evans.

St. Brigid’s crosses
Today we made St. Brigid’s crosses in school. It was a lot of fun. Sir brought in some rushes and we brought in elastic bands. Everybody had a partner to make the crosses with it was hard at first but then we got a hang of it. Some people made big ones and and others made small ones. This is how to make a St. Brigid cross, first you bend all the rushes except one, second you put the bent rushes around the straight one and go clockwise or anticlockwise , thirdly you put your elastic band around the ends
By Sean Langford

Valentines Window Display
On the 6th of February the teacher put up the Valentines decorations. There are big letters in the middle of the window saying Lá Fhéile Valentine which means Happy Valentine’s Day. In the other windows there are posters with love-hearts on them and in the middle of the heart it says love. There are a few posters with splatters on it and hearts in the middle which are class. We used pink, purple and red to paint the pictures. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!
By Garret Prendiville.

Credit Union Quiz
On the 3rd of February the two quiz teams went to Miltown Secondary school For the Miltown credit union quiz. There was a lot of teams there. The questions were very hard. In the end our under11 team came 3rd which is a great achievement. Our under13 team came 4th which is again a good achievement. The under11 team got a trophy and a pencil case with pencils and rubbers. We all had great fun. We are looking forward to next years quiz.
By: Lara Moriarty.

Listowel Writers week
This year we found out that 4th, 5th and 6th had to do Listowel writers week again. The prize money would be big if we won. Clodagh is the only one who is in the under 9′s and everyone else is under 12′s.All the stories are very good and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of us won. When we get the stories back we will make a booklet for the stories. Good luck to everyone.
By: Darragh O’Brien

On the 14th of February the mobile farm came to our school. We went out to visit classroom by classroom. There was a goat, sheep, lambs, rabbits, ducks, a pig, chickens and a calf. There was a girl. She told us about the animals. She asked us what our young was called. We got 10 minutes to look at all of the animals and we got to pet and hold some animals. We got to hold the lambs. They were born last Friday. They were really big.
By; Aoife Corcoran

World book day
yesterday was world book day the first of March. World Book Day is a celebration! It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. In fact, it’s the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world. This is the 15th year there’s been a World Book Day, and on 1st March children of all ages will come together to appreciate reading. Very loudly and very happily. The main aim of World Book Day in the UK and Ireland is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own. Everyone gets a token for £1 off any book.
By Shauna Courtney

Last Friday everyone in our class put on plays. We had four plays altogether. All twenty students were split up into four groups with five people in each group. We had to write the play ourseleves in Irish with the help of our comhrá book. It was a competition to see whose group had the best conversation, props and coustumes. Team 6 won it. They had great conversation, props and coustumes. all the other groups were great too. By Anthony O’ Shea Comic Strips 5th and 6th class all made comic strips, two each. Everyone made comic strips for a lesson in our English lesson. A comic strip is a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to display brief humour or form a narrative, often serialized, with text in balloons and captions. After everyone finished their two comics it was made into a book for all the classroom to see and enjoy.
By Aoife Corcoran

The Incredible Edibles
Today we are planting incredibale eddibles. The incredible edibles are a fruit and veg package we got. We have turnip, Carrots, Strawberries, potateos and lettuce. We planted all of them in little pots and big ones. We were split up into pairs and we all have our own veg or fruit pot. We have to water them everyday to keep them growing and soon we will have lovely fruit and ved to eat. By Colin Foley National Tree week Last week was national tree week. All of our whole school went outside to the yard to plant some trees. We planted 6 trees altogether. We dug a hole with a shovel and then put the tree in. Three lucky students at the end of the day went home with a tree of their own, so they can celebrate National Tree week at home too. Everyone had a great day.

Boys Mini 7s
On Friday the boys had there mini 7′s. They joined up with fybough. There was 6 boys from our school and 4 from fybough going to Glenbeigh. The boys had to play Milltown and Glenbeigh. They beat Milltown and lost to Glenbeigh by 4 points. All the teams had the same number of points. So they put them in a hat and what every team that got pulled out were through. Milltown got pulled out so they played Glenbeigh. They lost that game. All in all they had a great day. St Patricks Day On the 17th of March it was Saint Patricks day, Lá Le Pádraig. Saint Patrick is Irelands patron saint. We celebrate Saint Patrick on this day. At our school we put up some decorations, a window display of lots of Irish pictures that we drew over the years.
By Caoimhe Evans

Girls Mini 7s
On the 16th of March Miltown pitch held the girls mini 7s. All the girls from 4th 5th & 6th class went to play. We joined up with fybough, they all went too. Our first game was against Miltown, we lost by one point. Our second game was against Caragh Lake, we lost by a lot. Since we didnt win any of the games we were out of the semi finals. We all had a great day anyway.
By Shauna Courtney

Water Project 2012 This year for our Green flag application we made a water project. We split into teams of four. We had to have it in for the 22nd of March as that was world water day. We also made a big board to stick our projects on to. So on the 22nd of March all the teams brought in their projects. Team 1 which was made up of Nicole and gang made a model of the water cycle starting in the water moving up to the clouds on to the mountain and back down to the water. It was very good. Team 2 made a video of them back at Inch Beach talking about water pollution. Team 3 made a slideshow which didn’t go to plan unfortunately. And then Team 4 made a mini well which was cool. Well done to everyone. By: Garret Prendiville

Easter Window display This year for Easter the techer put up Easter decorations. He stuck them up on the window so the people driving by could see them. There are pictures of Easter eggs, rabbits and baskets of Easter eggs. The colours that they were painted with are blue, green, orange, pink, purple and yellow. In the middle of the windows there are big letters saying CÁISC SHONA which means HAPPY EASTER in english. Happy Easter to everyone! By: Garret Prendiville.

March 2012

Green Schools Meeting Castledrum N.S. Friday 22nd March 2013. Present: Carla, JJ, Colin, Anthony, Darragh, Katherine, Miss Mary, Marian, PJ and Ciarán. 1. Mr. Ryan opened the meeting by welcoming all present. 2. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and adapted. 3. A discussion ensued on our application for our 3rd Green Flag. 4. The meeting was adjourned at 2:40pm. By: Garret Prendiville

Listowel Writers Week and The Kerryman. This year the Kerryman sent out a letter to all the schools in Kerry. The letter said that they had joined Listowel Writers Week and we had to make a poem. You could make a poem in English or Irish. There are four castegories. They are categoree 1 3rd and 4th class english, categoree 2 5th and 6th english, categoree 3 3rd and 4th class irish and categoree 4 5th and 6th class irish. A lot of people wrote about the seasons. The Kerryman will pick out a winner. Best of look to everyone.

P.E Hour. On the Wendesday the 28th of March we had a p.e hour from two to three o clock with Mr. Ryans classroom. There were seven teams of six and there were seven stations with some sort of activity there. The stations were, station 1: basketball, station 2: obstacle course, station 3: tennis, station 4: penalty shoot out, station 5: cricket, station 6: hula hoops and station 7 skipping. Half way through we had to take a break for a drink of water because it was roasting hot. We all enjoyed it and thanks to Mr. Ryan and Mr. Macgearailt for organising it. By: Garret Prendiville

Titanic project This year to commerate the Titanic we decided to do a project on the Titanic. We split into five teams they are: team 1: Anthony, Darragh, Garret and Micheal, team 2: Nicole, Shauna and Aoife, team 3: Caoimhe, Lara, Cara, Molly and Clodagh, team 4: Sean, Colin, Darragh and Liam, team 5: Gary, Killian, Sean and Patrick. To start off the project Patrick brought in an excellent replica of the Titanic. The deadline is the 10th of May. Best of luck to everyone. By: Garret Prendiville

Green Flag Last week we got our 3rd green flag. The flag this year is for water. Last year the flag was for energy and the year before that was for recycling. The committee this year is Mr Ryan, Mr Macgearailt, Ms Marian, Miss Mary, Catherine, Carla, JJ, Jerry, Darragh, Colin and Anthiny so well done to them. The flag will arrive in the school in the coming weeks and we will have a party to celebrate it. Well done to everyone. By: Garret Prendiville

2012/2013 School year:September 2012

Basketball On Friday 14th we had P.E and we played basketball we made 4 teams. The captain of team 1 was Caoimhe, the captain of team 2 was Lara, the captain of team 3 was Colin and the captain of team 4 was Sean Langford we had lots of fun. by Gary Murphy

Back to School This year we went back to school on the 3rd of September. We welcome to our classroom Holly Prendagast, Zara O’Reilly, Ellie Redmond, Dearbhla Foley, Cian Lenihan, Cathal Griffin and Jerry Griffin. Our teacher also picked out the teams randomly. There are five people on each team. The people on team 3 are Colin Foley, Clodagh Murphy, Killian Murphy, Sean Corcoran and Ellie Redmond. The people on team 4 are Sean Langford, Gary Murphy, Liam Clifford, Cathal Griffin and Zara O’Reilly. The people on team 5 are Caoimhe Evans, Annmay Broonfield, Darragh O Dowd, Molly Donohue, Jerry Griffin and Cian Lenihan. The people on team 6 are Lara Moriarty, Cara Clifford, Patrick Cocoran, Dearbhla Foley and Holly Prendagast! And we all hope that this term of school will be fun by Clodagh Murphy

Green Flag This week we picked our green flag committe. The people who are on the team from our classroom are Holly Predagast from 4th class, Patrick Cocoran from 5th ans Sean Langford from 6th class ! These people will now go to the meetings with the teachers and other people who were picked from other classrooms . By Sean Langford

Music class A man named Conor came to the school. He had an accordion and a tin whistle. He wrote peg Ryans’s on the board and Jim Wards jig then he played Peg Ryan’s Jim Wards jig. He came from 2 to 3 o clock. We all had lots of fun. By Sean Cocoran

Muesuem artifact Today we did our Muesuem Artifact.Everyone read their presitation and showed their Artifact.After that everyone nominated people the person had to get at least two votes to get to the final of the voting.People kept geting knonked out until their was only three left.Then that gave us first, second and third.First was Patrick Corcaran,second was Lara Moriarty and third was Cara Clifford.They won one green star and three red stars for their team. By Lara Moriarty

Prayer Servise We had a Prayer Servise in our school. All the classes in the school came to watch us. We all had our chairs in a row. 6th and 5th did the readings and 4th played tin whistle with us. In the middle of the room there was a table with the candle and the Alive-o book onm it. Everyone enjoyed the prayer servise we did for them and we enjoyed preparing and doing our parts in the prayer servise.

Decorations Our school put up green and gold decorations to show our support for the Kerry ladies football team. We had great fun decorating the front of our school and when we were finished it looked really well. We wish them the best in their final. By : Caoimhe Evans

Food Dudes Today we are starting our Food Dudes program again. Each week we bring in fruit and veg and then get prizes and certificates. Mr Mac Gearailt checks it each week to make sure we are bringing in the right stuff. We only started doing the program last year. We watched a DVD every two days last year, and the fruit and veg was delivered each day. By; Colin Foley

Halloween Costumes On the 29th of October we dressed up for our Halloween Party. We played bob the apple with crab apples, and some people dressed up as ghosts and witches. After playing the games we went outside ro play football. The people that didnt want to play football played basketball instead. After a good game of football we went back inside and watched a movie. We went home at 3 o clock. County Final We got into our County Final and we were playinng against Tousist. We played them in Auston Stacks Stadium under lights at 6;00. This was our team our goal keeper Sean Langford, our three backs Sean Corcoran, Darragh O Dowd and Liam Clifford, our two midfielders Caoimhe Evans and Colin Foley, Colin was our captain, and last but not least our forwards were Gary Murphy, Killian Murphy and Dylan Moriarty. Tousist were very good and they beat us, we were very disappointed but we kept our heads held up high and we were proud to get into the final. By; Colin Foley

Castledrum VS Ballinskellig On Friday 16th of November we played Ballinskellig in Cromane football pitch. Out captain was Caoimhe Evans, nine aside with Sean Langford in goal, corner backs Darragh O Dowd and Liam Clifford and our full back Sean Corcoran, Colin Foley and Caoimhe Evans (c) were midfield, Gary Murphy and Dylan Moriarty were our corner forwards and then there was Killian Murphy our full forward. It was a great battle of a match, both team putting in all their effort but the end result was Castledrum 6-10 Ballinskellig 4-9. By; Colin Foley

Ventry Match We were playing Ventry N.S on a wet, cold and windy day so we knew that it was going to be a hard match. It was meant to be a semi-final but turned out to be a quarter-final but it was alright because we won by seven points. It was a great game. The two teames were drawing at half time, but we were against the wind. But we had the wind in the second half so we won by a lot, so everybody was glad to be in the semi-final. By; Colin Foley Green Schools Meeting With

Angela Wall Last week a woman called Angela Wall came in to our school to talk about our 4th green flag. This flag i about travelling to school. She talked about park and stride. This is when you park your car somwhere and then walk the rest of the way to your location. She also talked about other ways you might like to come to school like bus, park and stride, casrpool, bike, walk and other ways. By; Colin Foley

Science Morning Today we had our science morning, it was realy fun. There were a lot of really cool experiments. Jerry did a rocket thing where he put a tablet into water and then it exploded. Everyone loved it. We made groupes and the four captains were the people from 6th. They were Colin Foley, Caoimhe Evans, Sean Langford and Lara Moriarty. There were a lot of differnt experiments. By; Colin Foley

Enrolment Ceremony On the 21st of November 5th and 6th class went to Killtalagh church to enrole for confirmation, Fybough, Castlmaineand Ballyfinane were there aswell. Darragh O Dowd and Molly Donohoe went up at the start of the ceremony bringing up a candle and the enrolment leaflets. All of us had to sit with one of our parents or sponcers and the teachers went around to light the candle, then on child from each school went up to say a prayer of the faithfull Cara read it for Castledrum. By; Colin Foley

Christmas Window Display On the 3rd of December we put up our Christmas Window display. The display said Nollaig Shonna. Nollaig Shona translated into English means Happy Christmas. Darragh O Dowd, Dearbhla Foley and Patrick Corcoran went outside this morning around 11:30 to pose for a picture. Putting up the window display in our school marks the official opening of December and Christmas. We also put up all the decorations inside the classroom as well. By: Colin Foley

The Keel Walk Name Competition On Wednesday the 5th of December a lady came to talk to us about walking. She gave us cards showing where is a good to walk and routes. Then she asked usc to make up a name for the walk and draw a picture of what you might see. Everyone drewc up a oicture and sometimes another one and a name, we thought all the drawings were very good and colourful. We hope someone from the classroom will win, Good luck to everybody. By; Colin Foley

Keel Christmas Art Competition This week we entered an art competition for the Keel Christmas Market. The theme was for The Gathering Ireland, and some people just did a christmas theme aswell. There were different categories for each class. Our class was in the 3rd and 4rth class catagory and the 5th and 6th class catagory. Each student would draw a picture for the competition and give it to in to the teacher in school and soon they will be given to some one in the market. By; Colin Foley

Dodgeball Last week for P.E we played dodgeball. Mr Mac Gearailt picked two teams outside, I was on the 2nd team and we won. We had fair teams so it was really fun. We had loads of fun playing it and we hope we do it again. By; Colin Foley

Our Projects A few weeks ago the teacher told us that we were going to do a Local History Project. There were three groupes of three and six groups of two. They were very good projects with two groupes bringing in display and two other groupes bringing in videos. Ross Castle and The South Pole Inn were brought in as displays. They were all good but there could only be three winners. 1st place went to Lara and Caoimhe, 2nd place went to Clodagh and Annamay, and 3rd place went to Sean L, Gary and Liam. They were all great and they all deserved to win. By; Colin Foley

Credit Union Art Competition A few weeks ago our teacher gave ous A sheet of paper with Santa Claus on it for the Credit Union Art Competition. Yesterday we got the results back, Clodagh Murphy won. She coloured Santas clothes red and his sack brown with little patches, and she drew a little christmas tree with presents in the background. She got little pizes too, a little selection box. We are glad she won and all the pictures were really good. By; Colin Foley Crocus Plants A few days ago we planted our crocus plants. We plant the crocus bulbs every year. We plant them because they look nice. We all have so much fun planting them. We bring out three tables from the classroom and then we put the pots up on the table and plant them. Every winter we put them into a shed that we have around the back of the school to shield them from the cold and to allow them t0 sprout, then we take them out in January again. Each week a different person waters them. By; Colin Foley

Snowfall Today when we all got to school there was snow all over the ground. At break all of the school had a massive snowball fight, and some people made snowmen, and then joined the fight. We all had so much fun, and we were trying to make the most os the snow because we thaught the snow would only be here for a day, but to everybodys surprise there was still snow there the next day. And we all went to play in the snow again. By; Colin Foley

Spikeball Today we did spikeball. A Polish spikeball teacher came in to teach us about the game, his name is Ed. There is a spikeball tournament on Monday in Killarney. Colin, Caoimhe, Lara and Sean are going. The teacher had to pick three other people to go aswell. They are Gary, Darragh and Molly and we hope we win. By; Colin Foley

Football With Martin On Tuesday the 15th of Januarywe had football. Our football trainer is called Martin Horgon. We practised kick passing and catching the ball over our heads. Then we played a match. There were three teams, team one’s captain was Jerry, team two’s captain was Cian, team three’s captain was Cathal. Team 1 won 0 games, team 2 won 1 game and team 3 won 1 game. By; Colin Foley

Jep Rolls and Responsibilities

Credit Union Teams On Friday the 17th of January we had our Credit Union School Quiz to figuer out who would be on the teams. The teacher asked all the pupils 20 questions, and whoever got the highest score is on the team. The under 11′s team is, Cathal, Sean C, Clodagh and Ellie and the under 13′s team is Liam, Colin, Sean L, Killian and Caoimhe. We will be representing the school and we hope we do very well. By; Colin Foley

JEP Rolls and Responsibilities Today Mr Mac Gearailt gave us our Rolls and Responsibilities. Everybody is on the Design and Production Team. On the Marketing Team there is, Clodagh, Anna May, Darragh, Ellie, Zara, Jerry, Cian, Cathal, Dearbhla and Holly. On the Finance Team there is, Darragh, Cian and Cathal. On the Public Relations team there is, Colin, Sean L, Lara and Caoimhe. And on the Sales Team there is, Liam, Killian, Cara, Sean C, Patrick, Molly, Gary, Cian, Caoimhe, Clodagh, Lara and Darragh.

Grandparents Day Prayer Service On the 1st of Febuary we had our Grandparents Prayer Service, all the school gathered in Mr. Mac Gearailt’s classroom for it. Fourth, Fith and Sixth class started off by playing the Foggy Dew on the tin whistle, it was followed by some readings by sixth class, then we sang a song, we had more readings from fifth, then we played Jim Wards Jig on the tin whistle, some final readings from fourth class, and we finished on a song. By; Colin Foley

St. Bridgid’s Crosses On Tuesday 29th of January we made St. Bridgid’s Crosses. It was lots of fun. We put every two tables together. There were four people at every table. We did it for an hour in the morning until the 11 o clock break. It was great fun and everybody had a St. Bridgit’s Cross to take home. By; Colin Foley

Rounders On Monday 3rd of Febuary, Dylan Prendergast came to our school. He organised and refereed games of Ro0under’s with us. He picked 3 teams. My team got to the final but we lost to Caoimhe’s team. First of all there was a quarter final, a semi final and then the final. All the teams were fair so we all had a really good time. We hope we do it again sometime soon. By; Colin Foley

Science Quiz There is a science quiz on in Tralee on Thursday the 28th of Febuary . We have to send three pupils from classes 4th, 5th and 6th. From 4thb four people wanted to go . Deaarbhla, Ellie, Holly and Zara. So sir had to do a mini quiz and Holly, Ellie and Zara got the highest scores so they were the three pupils from 4th. Nobody from fifth wanted to go. From 6th class Sean L, Caoimhe and Lara got to go. By; Colin Foley

St. Patrick’s Day On Sunday the 17th of March Castledrum National School participated in the Milltown Parade, our theme was Junior Entrepreneur Programme. We wore our t-shirts we designed ourselves. We won two trophy’s, one for taking part and the other for best group. There was a massive crowd there cheering for everyone. We had banners that we made at school during the week. By; Colin Foley

T-Shirts On Monday we had sent out a note saying that our t-shirts which we had designed will go on sale on Tuesday for ten euro each. On Tuesday we sold 39 t-shirts and we made three hundred and ninety euro. On Wednesday we sold another 15 t-shirts. On Thursday we sold 8 more and we sold 8 on Friday aswell. Then on Friday we were given 2 t-shirts each to sell at home. We had a contest to see who would sell the most t-shirts. By; Colin Foley

Lá Le Pádraig On Friday the 8th of March we put up our Lá Le Pádraig display on our window outside the school. St. Patrick’s day is coming up and everyone is excited because we are going to be taking part in the Milltown St. Patrick’s day parade. We will be trying to promote our JEP project by wearing our hand painted t-shirts By; Colin Foley

Louise Quill Last week a woman called Louise Quill came in to talk to us about children in Africa and the food they eat. They showed us photos of them in the place they work. The place they work is called Tir na Nog. It is and orphanage. There are about 17 children in Tir na Nog. Tir na Nog is in Tanzania. By; Colin Foley

T-shirt painting Today we started off painting our t-shirts in our school. It started off with sixth class painting the t-shirts because we did not have enough paints for everyone in the class. Our teacher had already had some paints in the classroomfor us. He also had some t-shirts ordered from the internet and they would be here for Monday. We got the t-shirts of Sean Langfords mom. We will hopefully have all the t-shirts done by Friday and have started selling them by Tuesday. By; Colin Foley

The Pledge On Saturday the 2nd of March and on Sunday the 3rd the pupils that are makinng their confirmation went to mass to recieve the pledge. The pledge involves not taking any alcoholic drink until you are 18 years of age and never to take any non prescribed drugs. The pupils from Castledrum, Castlemaine, Fybough and Ballyfinane stood up and answeared questions that the priest asked. Then the people from the community stood up and promised to help the children to follow their promise. By; Colin Foley

Angela Wall A woman called Angela Wall came to our school to talk to us about the 4rth green flag. The 4rth green flag is about travel. She told us what other schools did to get the freen flag. She said that one school wore highlighted vests in the car so they could be seen when they got out of the car. She asked us questions about who traveled by car, cycled and who walked. She was really happy with what we had done. She said to keep it up.

September 2013

Back to school

On the 28th of August we returned to school for another year. The four pupils from 6th left to go to secondary school and eleven pupils from 3rd class came into our classroom. A new teacher started in the infant class along with five new infants. When we came back our classroom also had lots of new tables because the old ones were all covered in tipex and pen. Well that’s all that happened on the first day.

By Molly Donohoe

New Furniture

On the 28th when we all came back to school we all came into the classroom and saw that the school had got us brand new tables! They are nicer than the other tables that we had last year. The only rule is this year is that we are not allowed to write or mark them because they were very expensive.We are all delighted to get new tables

By Clodagh Murphy

Ms Griffin comes to school: Ms Griffin is the name of the new teacher we got to replace Ms Marian who retired last year. Ms Griffin will be teaching the junior and senior infant classes. We all are very excited that she will be teaching here. She will be teaching the five new people that started junior infants. Ms Griffin used to teach in Glenbeigh school before she came to our .

By: Sean Corcoran

Start of year prayer Service: On Friday 30th of August we held our Start of year prayer service. We were practicing since we had come back to school. The start of year pray service is where we welcome the new infants and staff to the school. This year we held it out in the prefab and everyone was there. By Annamay Broomfield

Roald Dahl Day:
Today is Roald Dahl day and the teacher let us dress up as charecters from his books. I dressed up as fantastic Mrs Fox. A lot of people dressed up as Mitilda and they all looked pretty in their blue dresses. Some people dresses up as the twits, witches, The hunters from Fantastic Mr fox, cats and lots more of his charecters ! At the end of the day we are going to have a competition for best dressed. The winner gets 2 red stars. I think everyone did their best and we should all win but only one person will win. Good luck to everyone!
By: Clodagh Murphy

Agri Aware Poster Competition:
On Friday the 11th of September we had to draw a poster to promote farm safety. The competition was called Agri Aware poster competition. The winner got their poster copied on to a pair of willies for them and their classmates. Some people drew animals, lakes, machinery, slurry pits and other stuff too. Runners will get a fifty euro book voucher. I hope someone in our school wins.
By Cara Clifford

Football with Martin:
Last Tuesday we stared football again with Martin Horgan. We do lots of football training and drills. He shows us how to do solos, Fist pass, pick up the ball properly and so on. All the classes go out for football even the infants! We all love football and thinks its lots of fun and he lets us make our own teams and sometimes lets us plays matches with each other. We all love football!
By Killian Murphy

life in the school yard:
Last week the teacher said we would be doing the fieldtrip again and we all got into our teams and gave out the jobs. Like camera work and art and displays ect. Then our teacher let us vote on how we would so it this year and we voted on scrapbooks. So we all had a week to work on the field trip. So when the day finaly came to bring in the all things every team had some sort of display. Team 3 Made a model of a mini beast playground and it was wonderful, Team four made a model of the school, Team five also make a model of the school, and Team six made a paper maché ant and ant nest. At the end we all voted and team four won with eight votes.
By Liam Clifford

COW / WOW/ And park and stride:
Yesterday the teacher told us to encourage walking to school and cycling for the Transport Green flag. Lots of people decided to ditch their cars to walk or cycle and it was a great turn out and we are planning to do this nearly every Wednesday. I myself is going to cry cycle and walk to school. By Darragh O’ Dowd

Repainting of the bird table:
Yesterday we brought our bird house and feeder out of the shed for the birds. Then the teacher asked if a few of the boys could repainted seeing as it was in the shed all summer, and they said yes. They painted it a nice shade of brown and it now looks lovely, I hope the birds appreciate our hard work for their little house!
By Gary Murphy

Keel decorations:
On the 21st of September keel played St.Pats in Fitzgerals stadium in Killarney. keel won by 7pts. On the 12th of October they are playing in Austin stack park against Glenbeigh in the final. Yesterday we made decorations to support keel. Cara and Molly painted a white board blue and yellow for keel colours, Clodagh painted the crest and Cian and Ellie helped the teacher put flags up outside. We hope keel win.
By Cara Clifford

P.E On Friday

On Friday we played rounders and dodge ball. We were split into 4 teams. Teams 3 & 4 played dodge ball first and team 5 & 6 played rounders. After an half an hour we switched. Team 4 won dodge ball and team 6 won rounders. Dodge ball was played on the concrete and Rounders was played on the grass. It was enjoyable and we all enjoyed the exercise!
By Molly Donohoe

October 2013

Match vs. Castlemaine

Yesterday we played Caslemaine school in a football match. We all were very excited to be playing them. Last year when we played them we beat them. This time when we played them we lost. At half time in the match the score was 4 goals and 4 points for us and 5 goals and 5 points to Castlemaine. After half time Castlemaine got a lot better and got a big lead. We did get 2 goals back but it wasn’t enough.
By: Sean Corcoran


On the second Friday of the school year we had p.e . This time we did basketball. There were four teams. Each match was played on half a court. The team 4 was playing team 6 on one side of the court when team 3 played team 5 five on the other side of the court. It was really fun. Team four beat team six in one of the two semi finals. Team three beat team five in the other semi finals. In the final team four beat team three by a lot. In the losers final team 3 played team 6 and team three won.
By: Liam Clifford


On the ninth of October first second third fourth fifth sixth classes went swimming. It was really fun. They thought us how to swim. They put us into three groups. One group was in the babys pool another group was people who know how to swim and the other group was people that were really good at swimming. We left the school at twelve o clock. We got home at around half two it was great.
By: Molly Donohoe

Museum Artefacts

On Wedensday we all had to bring in old things for this years museum. Some people brought in old phones,sewing machines ect. Then we had to rate them out of thirty. When everyone made up there mind we voted. In first place was Annamay with her lava rock from mount Everest. In a joint second was Clodagh and Aoife, Clodagh brought in a sword and Aoife brought in a old wood antique. I thought they were all good and all diserved to win.
By: Clodagh Murphy

Window Display
Every year we put up decorations for Halloween, Christmas, Easter ect. Today we put up the Halloween decorations for this year. They say Happy Halloween in Irish and English. We also put decorations in the classroom such as vampires, bats, skulls, witches, masks and lots of other things. We also painted pictures which are also displayed on the window. It’s nice to put up decorations to celebrate the occasion.
By Killian Murphy

JEP Flag Launch

Tuesday was a very exciting day for us because we were launching our JEP flag. We are 1 in 14 schools to have it, nad we are very proud. The Mayor of Kerry came especially to launch it, he also gave a short speech. Then we raised the flag we were all so proud. Then afterwards we had a little party, the parents kindly suplied the food and drink. We all had so much fun, I hope we can maybe win more in the future.
By Clodagh Murphy

November 2013

Music Classes with Brendan O Sullivan

On the 5th of November Brendan O Sullivan came to our school to teach 1st to 6th classes Tin Whistle. Brendan went into Mr Ryans class first, he spent 30 minutes in their and then came into our class. Brendan brought in his fiddle and played that while we played the Tin Whistle. Some people brought in their own instruments. Darragh and Cian brought in their guitars, Cathal brought his violin and J.J brought his accordian. Brendan will be coming to teach us for the next 10 weeks, we hope to really improve by the time he we are finished. We really enjoyed our music classes.
By Cara Clifford

Halloween Dress-Up

Two weeks ago before our Halloween holidays all the school dressed up. Most girls dressed up as witches and most of the boys dressed up as zombies. We all brought in sweets to share and watched a movie called War horse. Zara brought us all in lovely cupcakes that tasted lovely and they were also Halloween themed.
By Molly Donohoe

Astellas Art Competition Winner.

A few weeks ago Astellas had a drawing competition and the theme was A Greener Cleaner World. And today Astellas rang to tell us that Jake O Reilly from 4th class had won. He drew a wonderful Recycling symbol with little things in the back round. We all very happy for him and we all knew his drawing was very good and some of us thought he would win. I thought all the drawing were good, some people drew other recycling symbols, some drew windmills, Electric cars ect. But I thought they were all good and every should get a prize.
By Killian Murphy

Match vs ceannn tra

Last week we played conn tra. We played in lispole. The pitch was crap.Our team was:Killian in goals Cian and Cathal corner backs Liam was full back. Sean and Darragh were midfield. Gary and Dylan were corner forwards and JJ was full forward. We lost but they were way better.
by liam Clifford

Music classes with Brendan o Sullivan

On the 5th of November Brendan o Sullivan came to our school to teach 1st to 6th classes tin whistle. Brendan went into Mr Ryans class first, he spent 30 minutes in their and then came into our class. Brendan brought in his fiddle and played the tin whistle. Some people brought in their own instruments. Darragh and Cian brought in their guitars, Cathal brought his violin and j.j brought his accordion. Brendan will be coming to teach us for the next 10 weeks, we hope to really improve by the time he we are finished. we really enjoyed our music classes.
by cara Clifford

JEP Flag Launch

Tuesday was a very exciting day for us because we were launching our JEP flag. We are 1 in 14 schools to have it, and we are very proud. The mayor of Kerry came especially to launch it, he also gave a short speech. Then we raised the flag we were all so proud.Then we rasied the flag we were all so proud. Then afterwards we had a little party, the parents kindly supplied the food and drink. we all had so much fun,i hope we can maybe win more in the future
by Clodagh murphy

Keel window display

Last Friday we out up a window display. It was for Keel they were about to play in the Junior County Final against Glenbeigh and guess what… KEEL WON!! There was great celeabrations that night. That Monday the Keel team came to the school. We were all excited to see them. They signed our jerseys and took photos with us. It was an awesome day.
By Darragh O Dowd

Active Schools meeting (minutes)

. Minutes of last meeting, plans of meetings going forward.
. Committee structure discussed
. Rep of each class 1th-6th, Community/parent rep, secretary, teachers.
. Roles of reps discussed
. PE Equipment: New location of equipment
. -Care of equipment- mis-uses of equipment
-reps can come up with ideas for new equipment-
. Noticeboard: cut down amount of stuff: compact information
. Active Schools slogan review: competition for new one
. PE activities in the school:
-Option of Keel Walkway
-Station teaching with the whole school (PE hour)
. Inform parents by use of notes/blog/twitter
. Photo of committee taken


Water Gauge

Today we went outside to look at the water gauge Mr Ryan put in the river. It is used to tell how high and low the water is going to go during the winter. We are using it to help us get our maths and science award. We will go outside and examine the gage and take a photo so at the end of December we can see how different it was.
by Killian Murphy

Astellas art competition

On Monday we got a letter back from the Astellas art completion, Jake O’Reilly won in his age category. Jake went to Killorglin where the Astellas office is last Wednesday, he got art supplies and his drawing was published into the 2014 Astellas calendar. We were delighted for Jake and will be entering the competition next year and hope to do that well again.
By Molly Donohoe

Munster Final

Keel was playing on Sunday,guess who won? Not our team… just kidding Keel won!! There was big celebrations that night in the pubs. And they also came to our school just yesterday with the cup. We wrote a song and a prayer for the Keel team and they loved it! It was a great day.
By Sean C

Christmas Decorations

Last Wednesday we put up our Christmas decorations in school. Holly helped Mr.McGearailt putting them up. There is a lot of decorations up in all the classrooms. Cara and Molly helped Mrs.Griffin put them up in the Juniors Classroom. We all cant wait for the Christmas holidays and to get lots of presents.
By Liam Clifford


Yesterday Mr. Ryan came into our classroom with his laptop so we could Skype another school in Ireland. We Skyped another school in Wexford, they told us about their school, and facts about Wexford it’s self. They also asked us questions about our Parish and school. They also asked us what we liked to do when we are board, the most popular answer was to play X-box! They also asked us our favourite games such as Call of Duty, Assaisins Creed, Fifa, Pokemon and lots more. It was so much fun and we all loved it and we are planning to skype other people too. Then Mr. Ryan told us about mystery Skyping and we all loved the idea.
By Clodagh Murphy

Christmas Play

Yesterday we had our Christmas play in the church. It went very well there was loads of family and friends of the children at the church. The play was what happened the night Jesus was born, we had 6 story tellers and about 12 different actors. Zara was the angel and Marcus and Sophie were Mary and Joseph. It was a lot of fun and we will be doing another play in 2 years time.
By Cara Clifford

January 2014
Last Tuesday we went out for football again with Alan. We do lots of football training and drills. He shows us how to do solos, Fist pass, pick up the ball properly and so on. All the classes go out for football even the infants! We all love football and thinks its lots of fun and he lets us make our own teams and sometimes lets us plays matches with each other. We all love football!

Spikeball Today we did spikeball. A Polish spikeball teacher came in to teach us about the game, his name is Ed. There is a spikeball tournament on Monday in Killarney. Liam, Killian, Sean , Cara and Clodagh are going. The teacher had to pick three other people to go as well. They are Cain and Holly and we hope we win.


Credit Union Teams On Friday the 17th of January we had our Credit Union School Quiz to figuer out who would be on the teams. The teacher asked all the pupils 20 questions, and whoever got the highest score is on the team. The under 11′s team is, JJ, Conor, Zara and Jake and the under 13′s team is Liam, Cathal, Cara and Holly . We will be representing the school and we hope we do very well

Catholic schools week
This week is catholic schools week. This is a very special time of year celebrated every year. On Monday the 27th of Jan we had a small prayer service for catholic schools week.everyone From baby infants to 3rd class was there. The prayer service only lasted around twenty minutes. we played two tin whistle tunes and four songs. Everyone was happy at the end and we went back to class

BUMBLEance is the most modern children’s ambulance service on the planet and it is the world’s first interactive ambulance specifically designed for children, with the capacity to operate the latest medical equipment and inter hospital communication systems.Not only is BUMBLEance fitted with the most modern medical and inter hospital communication systems it is also the world’s first interactive ambulance, specifically designed for children. This ambulance comes complete with a Control 4 Automation system along with a Dune media player and 2 TB network storage drive which can all be controlled via a smartphone or tablet app. BUMBLEance also features a 19 inch Panasonic TV , PS3 and Ipad mini as well as a NUBI Tablet. Control 4 enhances the user experience with an entertainment system by making all these electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly…

On Friday we went planting crocuses. Crocuses are a memorial of the Jewish people who were invaded by the Nazi’s. First of all we emptied the compost and stones out of the old beds. Then we put in new earth and stones in. Then we planted the crocuses bulbs. Finally we watered them and put them outside each classroom.


Music class A man named Brendan came to the school. He had an violin . He wrote peg Ryans’s on the board and Jim Wards jig then he played Peg Ryan’s Jim Wards jig. He came from ten to half ten. We all had lots of fun


On Friday we made St Brigids.
It was a lovely day and our teacher said that we sould do them outside, so we brought out five tables and started to make our crosses


On Monday we put up a valentines window display. It was very nice and romantic.
They were all paintings of hearts.
We put a lot of work into it .


We did awriting competiton on writing.
It is called Writers Week.
Everybody in the class had to write a story on any topic they want.
We posted them
February 5, 2014

Yesterday we got something in the post about an An Post Competiton.
We lucked at the website and they showed us how to make a post box out of an old shoe

Blog by Darragh O Dowd for this month 🙂


Devices to Infants
On the 14th of March 13 people went down to Mrs Griffin’s Class with Ipods, Ipads, and phones. We did this because 2 out of the 3 classes bring in gadgets. We will be doing this every Friday to try and earn a digital schools award.
By Cara Clifford

Mission priest
On Tuesday the 18th of March a Mission priest came to our school. He was telling us about the stations of the cross. He played a game with us. He had something in his pocket abd said whoever could guess what it was he would give it to them.First of all he carries it everywhere with him. Everyone guessed a wallet or a phone but they were wrong, then he said he had lots of fun with it . Ellen guessed a bouncy ball and she was right so she got to keep it. Then he put on two songs and we all danced around to them. He said there will be a mass on every day this week at 7 o clock in the morning for any one who can be there.
By Cara Clifford

Sult na nog
On the 2nd of February Cara, Aoife and Liath danced in a set dancing competition and came 1st. We danced the sliabh lurca. Now they are going up to Galway on the 23rd of March for the Munster Finals. They hope to place somewhere. We danced against 4 teams. They were very good. We dance with 6 other girls from Ballyfinane.
By Cara Clifford

Pancake Tuesday
On the 4th of March we brought in pancakes. There was to many people in the classroom to make the pancakes in the morning. We all had pancakes. Patrick and Gary brought in pancake makers. Some people brought in toppings. We were eating then for a half an hour then we had to go back to work. But we all enjoyed our pancakes.
By Liam Clifford

Listowel art competition
Last Saturday I went to the Listowel art competition. It was in Listowel. I had great fun. Cian Lenihan was there with me. I drew a hand holding a racket and Cian Lenihan drew a basketball. It was a great day.

Seachtan na gaeilge
This week Ireland is celebrating seachtan na gaeilge. We sang songs such as An maidrin rua, Ta na baid and many more. When we practised the songs a few pupils volunteered to read an Irish poem but we didn’t have enough time to read them. Then on Thursday all of the pupils went out onto the yard and did a quiz. Everyone was split into ten teams. Cathal’s team came 1st then Clodagh’s team came 2nd and Molly’s team came 3rd. Now on Friday 4th, 5th and 6th are doing a role-play with four teams. Everyone can’t wait!!
By Molly Donohoe

Gaa project
Today we presented out Keel Gaa project that we were working on for the last two months. It was all about the progress Keel made in the Junior Championship. Cian’s project won and he got two green stars for his team.

St Patricks day posters
We are preparing for the St Patricks day parade. We are making two posters for it. We split up into three teams of three. Two teams went out every day to draw the posters. When that was finished we all took turns at going out to the prefab to paint the posters. There were three people on each team. We had great fun painting the posters.
By Gary Murphy

Heritage and schools
On Tuesday a lady came in teaching us about the Stone Age. She taught us about this boy from France and the cave. The boy and his dog were playing and the dog fell down a hole. The boy went to his friends for help. They went down the hole and found the dog but they were in a cave. In this cave was Stone Art. The Stone Art was thousands of years old. Me and the rest of the class found it interesting and cool.
By Killian Murphy

St Patrick day window display
Every year we put up posters about St Patricks day. The posters we put up we drew them ourselves. We drew the posters a few years ago. The posters are orange with green letters. The letters say St Patrick in Irish which is La Le Phardraig. There are pictures of shamrocks aswell between all the words
By Sean Corcoran


Art with Ms Sheehan
On Wednesday Ms.Sheehan came to the school and did art with us. We did step by step drawing and we all drew a roses,chickens and a puppies. We had to draw all the steps out. There was five steps for every picture. We all had great fun drawing them.
By Gary Murphy

Painting of the raised beds
On the 1st of April (April fools day) Cara, Molly, Clodagh and Darragh re-painted the vegetable beds. There were three beds, Cara painted one, Clodagh painted one, Molly Painted one and Darragh did another coat on all of them again. Cara and Aoife’s dad made the vegetable 3 years ago. And ever since we have been growing vegetables in them
By Annamay Broomfield

Garda visit
Today a Garda came in to talk to us about his job and safety on the roads. The Garda talked about texting strangers online, wearing seatbelts, wearing high-vis jackets. After that he showed us his safety equipment. He had hand-cuffs, pepper-spray, a baton and a flash-light. It was very interesting and we thought it was fun.
By Molly Donohoe

Stain Glass Windows
Last Friday we did art. We made Stain Glass Windows with different scenes on them. Some people made ocean designs and some people made vases with flowers. They were all very Unique in their on ways and very colourful too! I think they were all very pretty and I bet they made beautiful colours when you hang them up on a window.
By Clodagh Murphy

Girls mini 7’s
A few weeks ago six girl’s from Castledrum and seven girls from Fybough entered into the girl’s mini 7’s competition. We got into the quarter-finals by two goals. Even though they lost at the quarter-final everyone was really proud of themselves and they got to go to the shop afterwards!
By Annamay Broomfield


Community Games
On the 28 of April the Community Games were held in Keel Sports Field. There was u6s, u8s, u10s, u12s, u14s and u16s there. There was a lot of people, it was really fun. There was also a relay at the end. Today Joanne Lenihan came in and gave everyone who came first, second and third in all the races a medal.
By Gary Murphy

Match V Blennerville
On the 29th of April we went to Blennerville to play Blennerville. Our team was in goals Cathal,Full Backs were Connor and Darragh. Half Backs were Liam,Sean and Cian. Midfield was Killian and Dylan. In Half Forward was Dearbhla and JJ. And in Full Forward was Gary and Holly. We were beating them at Half Time but they came back and drew. It was sad but we were happy we didn’t lose.
By Liam Clifford

Mini Golf
On the 30th of April we had our first session of mini golf. The golf teacher had Liam, Kilian, Darragh, Ellie, Molly, Zara and Dearblha setting up the course. Once that was done he gave us instructions on how to play properly. The two clubs were a hitter and a putter. The putter was for putting a short distance and the hitter is the same as a iron you hit on the golf course. Everyone was put into groups of two and had to take turns . We will be having three more sessions of golf. It is really fun.
By Cara Clifford

The Skills
On the 6th of May Killian, Darragh and Liam went to Milltown to do the Skill. The skills involved hand passing, hook kicking and kicking the ball into the net. Our school came 3rd in the competition. Killian got 12 points Liam got 10 points and Darragh got 6 points. We though it was a lot of fun.
By Killian Murphy

Yard Markings
Last weekend while we were at home the school brought in some painters to update our yard markings. They also put new ones like a jumping game and hop scotch. They also made our basketball court look more colourful. I think they are all very nice.
By Clodagh Murphy

Active School Week
This week all the pupils in the school had to race in races for active schools week. For Monday we had to race in a 100m sprint, a 100m hurdles race and much more. Than on Tuesday we did the egg and spoon race, sack race and tug of war. Than on Wednesday we did dress up, water relay and obstacle course. Than today we are doing stations and orienteering. Than forthe final day we are doing football, spikebal, rugby and much more.
By Molly Donohoe

Local And European Election
We did a project on local and European elections. We had four teams of seven and each team had a poster. The places were Kerry, Listowl,South/west Kerry and Tralee. Each person on the teams had to write up something about the area. Some people had to do history and some people had to do population and art. Team three won. We had lots of fun and each team did a great project.
By Annamay Broomfield

Bishops Visit
Today Bishop Raymond Browne visited our school. He told us about Jesus and what his job is like. He was very nice. He told is that we are all Gods children and that God made the Sky and Stars. I thought it was very interesting.
By Clodagh Murphy


School Tour
Last week we went on our school tour to Knockreer House and Muckross Farm. We started off in Knockreer House and we learned all about wildlife. We got to see thing under a microscope, we caught little mice and observed them until we let them free and we had a hunt. We then went to Muckross Farm, we saw old the old house and we even got to try some old bread and make some butter! We also got to see some animals like horses and dogs. It was a very good and wet day!
By Molly Donohoe

Mike O’Shea Ice man
Last Tuesday Mike O’Shea came to visit us. He is an North Pole explorer from back in Dingle. He told us about his adventures and what its like in the North Pole. You have to get up every four hours to clean your tent in the North Pole or else it will be covered in ice! Also you can’t have any liquids (except water and hot chocolate in a flask) and you mostly only have porridge for breakfast , lunch and dinner. And he told us all about how to survive in the cold too. I thought it was very interesting.
By Annamay Broomfield

IT Award
Today we were given the news that we had been approved of a IT award. An assessor came to the school on Friday to see how we use our IT. We told him about our new laptops,Ipads and our dropbox system. We were also we were suppost to Skype a class in France but sadly that wasn’t possible as our internet was down. We also told him that we bring in tablets every Friday and we bring them down to the infants for half an hour to play with. We are delighted to have achieved this award.
By Clodagh Murphy