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Diary 2016/2017

Girls Blitz

Our girls won the Mid Kerry competition for the smaller schools. We played Boheshol, Fybough, and Ballyfinane. We beat Boheshel and Fybough. We lost to Ballyfinane but faced them in the final but this time we won. We got a trophy.

By Carla

Published By Eden

Match v Filmore

The girls played Filmore and they lost as usual. But they did good enough for a small school against a bigger school.

By Sophie

Published By Eden

Girls Skills

Three girls Sophie, Carla and Tirna took part in the skills competition. The skills were held in Miltown pitch and they did well. They were against all Mid Kerry schools.

By Carla

Published By Eden

Art Class

We did art on Friday. We did a paper collage. It was an under water scene. Some people did shipwrecks some did mermaids and some did treasure chests. It was very enjoyable and fun.

By Marcus

Published by Eden

Match vs Kilgobnat

This match was the C final for 4 and 5 teacher schools. We lost by 5 points but it went down to the wire. I thought it was tough and hard. They had some unreal players.

By Eden

Published by Eden

Crab Soccer

We played crab soccer on Friday for our PE. It was fun. Everyone has to go down like a crab and play soccer it was fun and hard.

By Gavin

Published by Eden

Painting Pottery

We painted pottery on Friday for our art session. They turned out great. Four people at a time painted while the rest worked so no one was doing noting. It was enjoyable.

Boys Skills

We had skills with the school on May the 3rd. Eden Murphy, Dylan O Connell and Keelan Foley represented the school. We came Fourth. Eden got 16 pts, Dylan got 11pts and Keelan got 5pts. Thanks to Mary (Keelans Nan) For bringing us to Milltown. We had a great time.

Written by: Eden

Published by: Eden


On Friday we had basketball. The coach we have is called David. He will be coming every Friday. He plays with Tralee Tigers. The whole school  is doing basketball. It is fun.


Every year we plant vegetables in our school plant boxes. The boxes are located at the back of the school behind the prefab. Every classroom work on them during the summer.

Active Schools Week

Today we did some activities to mark Active Schools Week. We did basketball shootouts, dress up relay, an obstacle course and a water relay.


We made our Confirmation on the 27th of April. It was about 1 hour and 45 minutes long. At 6:30p.m there was a disco for the people who made their Confirmation. It was in the Anvil.


Today we had a rugby training session in the school. A man came and and did a session with first to third classes for thirty minutes and a session with forth to sixth for thirty minutes. It was very fun and everyone enjoyed it.

Zumba Dancing

Today someone came into the school to do zumba dancing with us. Each classroom got 20 minutes each. It was really fun. It was for Active Schools Week.

FAI Boys Blitz

Today we went to Tralee for the FAI Boys Blitz. It was on the 29th of March. We played five matches but one team didn’t show up. We won one of the matches. We scored three goals. I was the goal keeper and Gavin was a striker, Keelan was a back, Marc was a forward and Michael was a midfielder.

Engineer’s Week

Last week was Engineer’s Week. On Friday our classroom went into Mr Ryans classroom for an engineering quiz. I taught it was very fun. It was also pretty easy. There was six questions per round and there was ten rounds. My team won because I am a geek.

Girls FAI Blitz

On Tuesday the 28th of March we had a soccer blitz in Tralee. The blitz was held in St. Brendans park in Tralee. it was a girls only team. The team was Sophie, Carla, Tiarna, Ava, Eabha, Ella, Maire and Ellen. We lost three games out of three. we scored only one goal which was scored by Tiarna. We played Kilgarvan first and lost 2-1. We played better in our last game but they got a lucky goal. We had a lot of fun. there was very good players on the other teams and they deserved to win.

Set Dancing

On Wednesday 8th  of March Mr MacGearailts and Mr Ryans classroom did a set dancing class outside in to yard. It was immensity fun. I enjoyed it very much . I danced with Ellen. Tirna and l also danced with Sophie. I danced with Gavin at the end too. I was quite good at it but I did trip on my lace once.


Today we had a session in the prefab with a man called Chris. He is helping us make films for our Fís project. 3rd and 4th classes and 5th and 6th classes are making different films. 5th and 6th are doing an animation film. It must be no longer than five minutes not including credits. We are split into three groups to make the beginning, middle and end. Each group had to make five scenes. We are going to have four sessions altogether. It was really fun I cant wait until next week.

Sister Noreen

We had Sister Noreen in our school on Monday. She admired our art work. She asked us to sing a song or two. We told her a few stories about Jesus’ life. The stories we talked about were The Loaves and the Fish, The Wedding of Kenah and when Jesus helped the man who had leporacy. She was very kind and helpful. We also did some meditation to relax us. l enjoyed it.


Today we had a rugby training session in school. A man came and did a session with first to third classes for thirty minutes and a session with forth to sixth for thirty minutes. It was very fun and everyone enjoyed it.

Zumba Dancing

Today someone came into the school to do Zumba dancing with us. Each classroom got 20 minutes. It was really fun. It was for Active Schools Week.

Pancake Tuesday

On Tuesday the 28th of February everyone in our classroom brought in pancakes. We were allowed to eat them in the morning. Mr. Ryan made pancakes for his classroom and Ms. Griffin’s classroom. Everyone really enjoyed them.

Catholic Schools Week

For Catholic schools week we did activities and some research on Pope Francis. We also learned more about Jesus and God.


We took part in a Spikeball blitz in St Brendan’s College in Killarney. We won one match and lost three. The team was Eden, Sophie, Tirna, Ava, Jamie and Marc.

Community Games

We took part in Community games handwriting and drawing competitions in school. The winners were Oisin, Ella, Keelan, Jamie and Dylan. Jamie and Dylan got medals for both competitions.

Valentines Window Display

Mr. MacGearailt put up our Valentines pictures on the windows for Valentine’s Day. It looked cool. It had hearts and one had a picture of cupid.


We took part in a Readathon. It was fun to read all the different books. All the money that was collected went to the MS charity. We collected a lot of money.

St Patrick’s Day Window Display

For St Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March our classroom put up a display on the windows. We put up pictures of shamrocks and St Patrick. We had a banner saying “Lá Fhéile Pádraig”. It was very colourful and it got us in the spirit for St Patrick’s Day.

Written By: Marcus

Published By: Marcus

World Book Day

On the 2nd of March we celebrated World Book Day in school. Everyone dressed up as their favourite character from a book they like.  I dressed up as Chris Kyle from the book American Snipper. We had a competition to find who had the best costume. Ava Meikle won. It was a fun day.

Written By: Gavin

Published By: Gavin

Arts and Crafts

We did arts and crafts with our clay pieces. These were the pieces we made with the pottery teacher who came to the school earlier in the year. We painted glue on them and next we will paint them. We also did a poster for art during the same class.

Bicycle Class

We had cycling classes in the school for the very first time.  3rd to 6th classes took part in the training. The trainers were Ruth and Katie. They were kind. Everybody enjoyed it.

The School Extension

Today the builders came to school to start on our new extension. They put fencing around the work area so that nobody will get hurt by the machinery.

St. Brigid’s Day Crosses

On Wednesday we brought rushes and elastic band into school so we could make St. Brigid’s Crosses. We had to clean up everything after.

PJ Reidy Football

On Tuesday PJ Reidy came and did a football session with the school. 1st,2nd and 3rd classes and 4th, 5th and 6th classes go every second week for 50 minutes. Junior and Senior Infants go every week for 20 minutes.


We went swimming on Wednesday. It was fun. We leave the school at 12pm and we are back at school at 2:30pm. 2 parents have to go with us. Mr.Ryan and Mr. MacGearailt take turns going.

Credit Union Quiz

On Friday we did an in-class quiz to decide the A team and the B team going to the Credit Union Quiz on Sunday 29th of January. The A team is under 13 and the B team is under 11.


Today Ed came to the school to do Spikeball with us. We did a few drills then we had a match boys vs girls. He told us how to play properly and told us some of the rules. He is coming again next Thursday.


Today we played rounders during our P.E. class. It was Sophie’s team against Eden’s team. It was really fun. Eden’s team won and everyone on it got points.


Today a man from Tipperary came to teach us some pottery. He was at our school for the day. He thought us how to make a face out of clay he was very fast at doing it. Everyone made good faces and everyone enjoyed it a lot.

Christmas Decorations

Today we put up our Christmas decorations as it is nearly Christmas.We also put up a window display. Each class room has decorations up and they also have pictures on their windows. It looks very nice.

Dentist Visit

On Friday the 16th of December a dentist came to the school to talk about dental hygiene. It was very interesting. She spoke about everything good and bad for your teeth. During the day she visited all of the classrooms.

Tin whistle classes

Today a man called Brendan O’Sullivan came to do music with first to sixth classes. He comes in every Tuesday to teach us tin whistle and other instruments that are brought in. He comes to our class for half an hour.

Cinema Trip

On Friday the 9th of December we went to the cinema in Tralee to see a movie called Moana. It was very funny and good. I think everyone enjoyed it.

Christmas Prayer Service

On the 21st of December we had a Christmas prayer service. The whole school went to the prefab to listen to the Story of Christmas. We sang hymns and played tunes on the tin whistle, guitar and concertina.

Kerry County Council Meeting

Today the 6th class pupils from the school went to a Kerry County Council meeting. We went to Miltown Community Centre to go see it. It was very interesting to watch and listen to them.

Haloween Dress Up

We had a Halloween dress up day in school for Halloween. It was fun. The winner got a green star for their team.

FAI Boys Blitz

The 5th and 4th classes had a soccer tournament in John Mitchels. They drew all their games 1-1. They said it was a great day.

Science Table

We did a science table for science week. People had to bring in science artefacts. It was fun looking at all the projects and the winner got a green star for their team.

Clothes Collection

We had a clothes collection today. People came in with bags full of clothes. A man in a van came to collect them. There was over 50 bags altogether.

Maths Week Quiz

On the 21st of October we had a very good Maths quiz for Maths week. There was riddles and questions but none of them were very hard. There was only one difficult quetion. Marcus and his team won. It was a fun quiz.



Active schools/ Health Promoting Schools meeting

On Tuesday we had a meeting in the office about Active schools and Health Promoting schools. We talked about bringing back Try it Tuesday. The meeting ended around 9:20am.


On Friday we played basketball during our PE class. We played 4 matches with 4 teams. Sophie’s team won against Edens’team.It was great fun. I hope we can do it again.

Gealbhratach Meeting

Today we had  a Gealbhratach meeting in the school office. Gealbhratach is a scheme to get people to speak Irish. The representatives from each class were there as well as the teachers.

Green Schools Meeting

Today a Green schools meeting was held in the office. The representatives from our class room and Mr. Ryans class room were there.

Kerryman Story Competition

We entered a Halloween story competition with the Kerryman. Jane Moriarty and Adam Clifford got a piece of their story published in the paper.

Goal Jersey Day

Today was Goal Jersey day most people in the school wore a jersey. Our school raised about 130 euros and that was sent to charity Goal.

Museum Artifact

Today we all brought in an old item for our museum table. Jamie won and he got a green star. Ava came second and Sophie came third.

Maths Week

This week was Maths Week. We played lots of Maths games. On Friday we had a Maths quiz in Mr.Ryans room. The winners got prizes.



Kerry Minors

The Kerry Minors came to our school with the Tom Markham cup. We got pictures and items signed by the players. Our school football team were at a match in Dingle so they missed the cup.


Back To School

We are back to school. We went over the rules, the teams for the year and blog months as well so it was kinda fun if I say so myself. Our teacher Ciaran MacGearailt was very happy to see us listen for the whole day.


Food Dudes

On the 29th of September we started the Food Dudes programme. We will receive fruit and veg for the next 8 to 16 days. We get prizes for eating all our fruit and veg.


Match vs Ballyferiter/Fybough

We had a match against Ballyferiter on the 26th of September. We lost by two goals. On the 28th of September we played Fybough, we lost by two points. We played seven a side in the first half  and eleven a side in the second half.


Prayer Service

We had a prayer service when we came back to school. We all went to the prefab. Eden lit the candle and then read a prayer. Marcus, Sophie, Carla and Gavin also read some prayers. It was very nice.



We played Dodgeball for P.E. on Friday the 16th of September. We had two teams and played 3 games 5 mins each. The winners got a green star and team 6 won it. The team that won the dodgeball won by alot. It was fun.


Field Trip

On Tuesday the 20th of June we had football with P.J. Reidy. He is on the Kerry County Board. He used to be the Keel GAA manager. We did drills, games and a match at the end of the training. We go out for an hour and fifteen minutes.


Fruit Art

We did fruit art on the 23rd September. It was lots of fun. The winners were Dylan O’Connell and Jamie Ladden. It was a very close vote but I think Lachlan’s water melon shark was the best.


Roald Dahl Day

We had  Roald Dahl Day on the 13th of September. It was fun. Most of us dressed up as Roald Dahl characters. The top 3 were Jamie, Marcus and Ava. We will have Roald Dahl Day again next year.



We played soccer for P.E on the 2nd of September. It was great fun. The winning team got red stars. Gavin Sheehan’s team won it. We played 2 games and in the final it was Edens team vs Gavins team. It was a very good game.