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Diary 2015/2016


Back To School

On the 29th of August, all pupils started school after a 2 month break for summer holidays. The starting junior infants are Kyle Levy, Gene Griffin, Samuel Moriarty, Robert Barton, Padraic O Dowd, Grace Ryan, Maya Cizmaroza, Sarah Clifford, Anna Hurley, Ruth Prendiville, Aileen Clifford, Erin O Connor, Anna May, Nessa Clifford and Kaylee Flynn. We gave out all the rental sceme books, we went through the rules, gave out sheets for the school yearand made teams, the team captains are Marcus Lavery, Eden Murphy, Gavin Sheehan and Sophie O Connor.

Written By: Eden Murphy

Published By: Marcus Lavery

St. Patrick’s day parade

On the 17th of March 2016 we went in the St. Patrick’s day parade. We had our own float. It was really cool. It took a long time to design but eventually we got there. It was based on European union. There were lots of people at the parade. People were wearing Irish clothes & were waving flags and were holding banners.

Written by: Conor o’Dowd

Published by: Laura Donohoe

Blue Star Project

On Thursday the 3rd of march. We did a blue star project. We were split into 4 groups. There were Historical, Geographical, Cultural & Creative, and Institutional. Everyone got a color for there team. Historical got yellow, Geographical got blue, Cultural got green and institutional got orange. we made a book out of all the cards.

Written By: Aoife Clifford

Published By: Laura Donohoe

Shoe Box Collection

Today we were doing the shoebox collection. It was very good. Half the class did the shoebox collection but unfortunately I didn’t have anything to bring in but at least other people did. It went on for a whole week. Most came in the last three days. A lot of people joined in.

Written By: Damian G

Published By: Dylan Moriarty


Biodiversity Visit

A man came to our school to talk to us about biodiversity. He talked to us about the green flags and biodiversity. We came up with a biodiversity slogan for the school. It was very interesting and I hope he comes again.

Written By: Aoife Clifford

Published By: Dylan Moriarty


Halloween Dress Up

On Friday the 23rd we dressed up for Halloween. We also had to bring in two euro for Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Nearly everyone dressed up. There were Witches, dead school girls and boys, Doctors and much more. JJ won best dressed in Mr. Mac Gearailt’s room. He was a minion from the movie despicable me and the minions movie. He deserved to win because he looked like a minion and had face paint on.

Written By: Laura Donohoe

Published By: Dylan Moriarty


Castledrum VS Ballyferriter

We had our first school game against Ballyferriter on the 21st of October. In the first half we were up by ten points and just before half time they got three quick fire goals, which meant we were up by a point at half time. In the second half we fought our hardest and we were against the wind. At the end we just fell short and lost by four points.

Written by: Dylan Moriarty

Published by: Dylan Moriarty


Roald Dahl day

We dressed up as Roald Dahl characters from Roald Dahl books for Roald Dahl day. You didn’t have to dress up as a character if you didn’t want to. Around thirteen people from Mr. Mac Gearailts room dressed up. Lots of people dressed up in the school. There was Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, the BFG, Fantastic Mister Fox, Violet, Willy Wonka and loads more. We had a competition and Ava won. She got two red stars for her team. It was Ava and Marcus in the final. Ava was the BFG and Marcus was Willy Wonka.
Written by: JJ Moriarty
Published by: Aoife Clifford

Irish National Flag Delivery
On the 29th of September two soldiers came from the Irish Army to give us the Irish national flag. Their names were Chris and Paul. They offered Mr. Mac Gearailt, the principal a package if we didn’t get homework for the night. He accepted the package so we didn’t get homework. They talked to us about the GPO and why they were bringing the flag. They asked us questions and we asked them questions too. It was fun and interesting.

Written by: Aoife Clifford
Published by: Aoife Clifford

Kerry Post Card Competition
We did a Kerry post card competition on Friday the 11th of September 2015. The question was how many times did someone from an Gaeltacht football club captain the Kerry team to an All Ireland victory. The answer was two the people who captained them were Páidí O Sé and Darragh O Cinnéide. You had to decorate a postcard and fill in all your details on the back. There were loads of prizes like a Kerry jersey, a Kerry hoodie, two tickets to the All Ireland final,a Kerry t-shirt and two tickets to the Kerry banquet. They put all the postcards into a hat and pulled out one for every prize. I didn’t win but there is always next year.

Writren by: JJ
Published by: Liath

Prayer Service
On the 4th of September we had our start of the year prayer service.There was 73 people at the prayer service.There was 11 readings and 4 songs. At the end 4 people brought in musical instruments and played a few songs together. The prayer service took about 30 minutes. Everyone sang the songs along with the music.

Back to School
On Monday 31st of August we came back to school. 16 new junior infants started and some new students transferred here.This year Mrs.Griffin has junior infants and senior infants, Mr.Ryan has 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class and Mr.MacGearailt has 4th class, 5th class and 6th class. We got no homework on Monday but only a small bit on Tuesday. Mr.MacGearailt’s classroom came up with new teams for the school year.