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On this page you will find information regarding activities promoting fitness, good health & healthy eating practices

Boys Skills

We had skills with the school on May the 3rd. Eden Murphy, Dylan O Connell and Keelan Foley represented the school. We came Fourth. Eden got 16 pts, Dylan got 11pts and Keelan got 5pts. Thanks to Mary (Keelans Nan) For bringing us to Milltown. We had a great time.

Written by: Eden

Published by: Eden


On Friday we had basketball. The coach we have is called David. He will be coming every Friday. He plays with Tralee Tigers. The whole school  is doing basketball. It is fun.

Active Schools Week

Today we did some activities to mark Active Schools Week. We did basketball shootouts, dress up relay, an obstacle course and a water relay.


Today we had a rugby training session in the school. A man came and and did a session with first to third classes for thirty minutes and a session with forth to sixth for thirty minutes. It was very fun and everyone enjoyed it.

Zumba Dancing

Today someone came into the school to do Zumba dancing with us. Each classroom got 20 minutes. It was really fun. It was for Active Schools Week.

Written By: Carla Evans

Published By: Carla Evans


Today we had a rugby training session in school. A man came and did a session with first to third classes for thirty minutes and a session with forth to sixth for thirty minutes. It was very fun and everyone enjoyed it.

Written By: Sophie O Conner

Published By: Carla Evans

Set Dancing

On Wednesday 8th  of March Mr MacGearailts and Mr Ryans classroom did a set dancing class outside in to yard. It was immensity fun. I enjoyed it very much . I danced with Ellen. Tirna and l also danced with Sophie. I danced with Gavin at the end too. I was quite good at it but I did trip on my lace once.

By: Marcus

Published by: Gavin

Girls FAI Blitz

On Tuesday the 28th of March we had a soccer blitz in Tralee. The blitz was held in St. Brendans park in Tralee. it was a girls only team. The team was Sophie, Carla, Tiarna, Ava, Eabha, Ella, Maire and Ellen. We lost three games out of three. we scored only one goal which was scored by Tiarna. We played Kilgarvan first and lost 2-1. We played better in our last game but they got a lucky goal. We had a lot of fun. there was very good players on the other teams and they deserved to win.

By: Sophie

Published by: Marcus

FAI Boys Blitz

Today we went to Tralee for the FAI Boys Blitz. It was on the 29th of March. We played five matches but one team didn’t show up. We won one of the matches. We scored three goals. I was the goal keeper and Gavin was a striker, Keelan was a back, Marc was a forward and Michael was a midfielder.

By: Eden

Published by: Marcus

Spikeball Blitz

We had a spikeball blitz in St. Brendans College in Killarney. We won one game and lost three. The team was Eden, Sophie, Tirna, Ava, Jamie and Marc.

Bicycle Classes

We had cycling classes in the school for the very first time.  3rd to 6th class took part in the classes. The trainers were Ruth and Katie. They were kind. Everybody enjoyed it.


We went swimming on Wednesday. It was fun. We leave the school on the bus at 12:10pm and we are back at school for 2:30pm. Two parents have to go with us. Mr Ryan and Mr MacGearailt take turns  going.

Written By: Eden Murphy

Published By: Carla Evans

PJ Reidy Football

On Tuesday PJ Reidy came and did a football session with the school. 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes and 4th, 5th and 6th classes go every second week for 50 minutes. Junior and Senior Infants go every week for 20 minutes. There is a challenge after each session.

Written By: Carla Evans

Published By: Carla Evans


Today Ed came to the school to do Spikeball with us. We did a few drills and then we had a match boys vs girls. He explained how to do play properly and told us some of the rules. He is coming again on Thursday.

Written By: Sophie O’ Connor

Published By: Carla Evans


Today we played rounders during our P.E. class. It was Sophie’s team against Eden’s team. It was really fun. Eden’s team won and everyone on it got points.

Written by: Eden

Published by: Sophie

FAI Boys Blitz

The 5th and 4th classes took part in a soccer tournament in John Mitchels. They drew all their games 1-1. They had a great time.

Written by: Eden

Published by: Eden


On Friday we played basketballs during our PE class. We played 4 matches with 4 teams. Sophie’s team won against Eden’s team. It was great fun. I hope we can do it again.

Written by: Gavin Sheehan

Published by: Sophie O’Connor

Active Schools/ Health Promoting Schools Meeting

On Tuesday we had a meeting in the office about Active Schools and Health Promoting Schools. We talked about bringing back ‘Try it Tuesday’. It ended around 9:20 am.

Food Dudes

On the 29th of September we started the Food Dudes programme. We will receive fruit and veg for the next 8 to 16 days. We get prizes for eating all our fruit and veg.

Written by: Sophie O’Connor

Published by: Sophie O’Connor

Match vs Ballyferiter/Fybough

We had a match against Ballyferiter on the 26th of September. We lost by two goals. On the 28th of September we played Fybough, we lost by two points. We played seven a side in the first half  and eleven a side in the second half.

Written by: Eden Murphy

Published by: Sophie O Connor


We played Dodgeball for P.E. on Friday the 16th of September. We had two teams and played 3 games 5 mins each. The winners got a green star and team 6 won it. The team that won the dodgeball won by alot. It was fun.

Written by: Carla

Published by: Eden

Football with P.J Reidy

On Tuesday the 20th of June we had football with P.J. Reidy. He is on the Kerry County Board. He used to be the Keel GAA manager. We did drills, games and a match at the end of the training. We go out for an hour and fifteen minutes.

written by: Sophie

published by : Eden


We played soccer for P.E on the 2nd of September. It was great fun. The winning team got red stars. Gavin Sheehan’s team won it. We played 2 games and in the final it was Edens team vs Gavins team. It was very good game.

Written by: Sophie o’ Connor

Published by: Eden murphy