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Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 26th January 2018

On Monday we had a spikeball lesson with Ed. He came to the school and taught all the classrooms how to play spikeball. On Friday lan Foley came in to teach us some other skills in spikeball, especially the people in the competition. I am on the spikeball team along with Dylan O Connell, Dylan Ladden, Keelan Foley, Micheal O Callaaghan, Ella Mangan and Ebha O Callaghan. The competition is on the 30th of January.

By:Ellen Griffin

Published by:Jamie Ladden

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The Eureka Win

Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 16th January 2018

On November the 23rd we entered a competition in Eureka and on the 8th of December we got the results back. A boy in fifth class won and his name is Lachlan O’ Shea. There were seven questions in total and you had to put in [a] [b] or [c]. He won five science books for our school. All the teachers are very happy. This is the 3rd time our school has won something in the Eureka competition.

Written by : Tirna Murphy

Published by : Jamie Ladden

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Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 12th January 2018

We had our first swimming lesson on Wednesday and we will be having them for the next six weeks. At 12:10pm we got on the bus and leave the school. We arrived at the Killarney Leisure Centre for our swimming lessons. Once it is over we get changed and then the bus comes to collect us. The swimming lessons were very good. There are five levels 1 , 2, 3 , 4 ,5. We were back at school for 2:35pm.

Written by : Dylan Ladden

Published by : Jamie Ladden

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