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Ms Griffin comes to school

Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 12th September 2013

Ms Griffin is the name of the new teacher we got to replace Ms Marian who retired last year. Ms Griffin will be teaching the junior and senior infant classes. We all are very excited that she will be teaching here. She will be teaching the five new people that started junior infants. Ms Griffin used to teach in Glenbeigh school before she came to our school.

 By: Sean Corcoran

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Skype in the classroom

Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 11th September 2013

Skype in the classroom is an online project to connect schools around the world using Skype. Skype allows us to hear and see other classrooms around the world. last year we began the adventure and chatted with classes in Spain and England.  This September we have already made contact with a school in Queensland, Australia. The project allows us to question other children in order to see what life is like for them both in school and outside of school. We really enjoy sky ping other classes because you never really know what to expect of what you will find out!

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Prayer Service

Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 6th September 2013

On the 30th of August we had a start of year prayer service. It was held in the prefab because over the summer it was cleaned out. The prayer service was based on the Alive O 8 programme.

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New Furniture

Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 5th September 2013

On Wednesday we went back to school. We were surprised too see that the school had got us new tables. We were all  so happy that we had got new school tables because the old ones were all scribbles.

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Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 3rd September 2013

On the 28th of August we returned to school for another year. Four students went into 1st year and eleven came into Mr Mac Gearailt’s. We wish all the new students the best of luck. We got new school tables.

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