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Credit Union Quiz teams

Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 24th January 2012

Today we picked the quiz teams for the under 11’s and under 13’s the teams. The under 11’s are Caoimhe Evans ,Lara Moriarty,                               Seán Langford, Seán Cocorann  and the sub is Cara Clifford. Caoimhe Evans is the under 11’s captain. The under 13’s team is Darragh O Brien,  Nicole Murphy, Anthony O Sé, Micheál Griffin, and the sub is Aoife Cocorann. The captain for the under 13’s is Darragh O Brien.

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St. Bridget’s Crosses

Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 23rd January 2012

On Friday the 27th of January, we are making St. Bridget’s Crosses as part arts and crafts. We have to bring in elastic bands to tie the ends of the cross. We have to bring in 6 incase 1 snaps. Our teacher is going to bring in the rushes. We get to make as many as we want but we only have time to make one cross. We get to take it home with us but the best one goes on the diary. Sometimes when were done ours we help the younger class. We really enjoy doing these every year.

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Green schools

Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 23rd January 2012

Every Monday our class goes out side to check the water metre for the school. We are doing this to try and help us to get our third green flag(For Water). There are eight numbers on the metre. We have a sheet for all the readings we are going to get. Shauna Courtney was the last person to check the metre. The water metre is outside the gate of the school so a teacher has to go out with us to check the metre.

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Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 23rd January 2012

On Tuesday the 24th, Edward the spikeball coach will be coming in to help us practise for the tournemant on Monday the 30th. This will be his second time coming. He shows us how to spike properly and tells us the rules of the game. He is a good coach. We enjoy it. All of sixth class are in the team. We are looking forward to the tournemant on Monday.

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Fire Station

Posted by cmacgearailt0161 on 19th January 2012

On Wednesday the 18th of  January we visited the fire station in Kilorglan. the firefighters gave us a tour around the fire station to see what it was like. they showed us the radio room, the kitchen, the classroom, the cloakroom and outside. We got to use the hose. We got to see everything they used in an emergency and what was in the fire truck. We all had a great time and at the end we got stickers.

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